Saturday, November 28, 2015

thanksgiving 2015

nora & evelyn,

happy thanksgiving!! i love celebrating holidays with you two and this year is even better, as i'm still on maternity leave!
we kicked off thanksgiving eve with the downtown tree lighting ceremony & our too-many-years-to-count annual mac n cheese night.  aunt kristen & i started this back in high school and although she and uncle mike don't join us anymore, we still keep it going!

with uncle kyle & evy 


this year we started our thanksgiving morning off with some pumpkin pie oatmeal & the macy's thanksgiving day parade.

then after many hours of getting 4 people showered, dressed & fed we finally made it to grandma & papa's for dinner!

after game playing, turkey eating & wine drinking at grandma & papa's, we headed over to gigi & papa's for dessert.
(and wrestling with uncle mike & snuggles uncle jimmy)

a late bedtime means soo much fun for all!  what a great day to reflect on what we truly are thankful for... family, health & happiness. (and warm coffee! )

thanksgiving 2015 (we keep adding to our crew!) 

thanksgiving 2014

thanksgiving 2012 


  1. What a great weekend for you and your family! Everyone looks so happy and the girls are adorable! It was great to see you at the tree lighting ceremony. I am thankful to have you in my life! Mike and I are up for a mac and cheese night anytime! :)

  2. What a lovely Thanksgiving! And the girls n matching outfits is amazing!