Tuesday, December 29, 2015

christmas 2015

nora & evelyn,
what a great christmas this year!! nora, you really are starting to understand a little more about christmas and evy, this was your first christmas!! what a special day!

we spent christmas eve with mommy's family.  my big christmas celebration was always on christmas eve with my grandma, aunts/uncles & cousins and it's important to me to continue this tradition with my side of the family.  daddy had to work on christmas eve, so uncle kyle came over and helped get us all out of the house... there is SO much stuff required to take you two places these days! 
we spent the afternoon at grandma and papa's house relaxing, cooking, drinking yummy christmas drinks, eating our swedish appetizers and salmon dinner & finally opening presents.  you were so patient waiting until daddy got there to open your presents.  nora kept saying "those presents are not for me" because we've been talking about not all presents being for you and understanding that santa may not bring ALL that you ask for.  it's a tough lesson to learn :) 
all dressed up for christmas eve

santa brought you a NEW BIKE for christmas!!! 

christmas morning SANTA came!!!! he indeed brought you exactly what you asked for... more puzzles! nora, you loved opening all your presents and wanted to play with every toy the second you opened it.  evy, you were down for your morning nap by the time we were opening presents... you missed most of the fun :)  

christmas morning 

after opening presents and naps, we headed over to gigi and papa's house for christmas day celebration with daddy's side of the family.  there were so many people there and nora loved being the center of attention!  well, evy might have stolen the show with her baby cuteness, but nora you had a blast playing with all of your uncles! after a fun filled christmas day, we packed everyone up and headed home straight for bed.  

christmas day at the georgalas' 
christmas is always a magical time, but even more magical when you have two little girls to spend it with.  watching the awe and wonder in your eyes the past few weeks leading up to christmas has been such a treat for me.  nora, you seem to find excitement and wonder in everything you do and see.  everything is pure joy for you... from leaving cookies and milk for santa to seeing the christmas tree filled with presents on christmas morning.  there is nothing better than seeing christmas through a child's eye.  we love you two dearly and are so grateful for all the love and joy you two have brought us.  
merry christmas, nora and evelyn!!!
mommy & daddy 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

christmas season

nora & evelyn,
we've done so many fun things this christmas season!  the older you get the more things i know you will enjoy! 

so far we've... 

decorated our tree...

searched for sprinkles the elf...

we've made (and ate!) lots of cookies...

cookie baking day with the favia's

we've done lots of crafts & painting...

we've looked at christmas lights (many, many times)...

cookie day with grandma...

made gingerbread houses with brooks... 

worn lots of fun christmas outfits & pj's...


visited santa...

and most importantly, lots of snuggles & books by the christmas tree...

christmas season 2015... 

and we still have 2 more days for christmas celebration!  we made a paper chain to help us count down until ho-ho comes to your house and this has helped you, nora, visualize how many more days until christmas eve!  you've been doing so well with counting the days, too.  

love you little ladies so so much and i love celebrating this wonderful season with you!  we have so much more fun to still be had, so let's enjoy every minute of it!!
mama & daddy

Sunday, December 20, 2015

3 months!

evelyn jane,
i just realized that we've been calling you "evy" so much recently and i just love love your full name, evelyn.  nora has stopped calling you "baby evy" and just "evy" now. she is still such a good big sister and always is watching out for you.  she starts her mornings every day saying, "where's evy? she not sleeping.  i go see her." she just loves you so much and i hope you two always are that eager to see each other in the mornings :) 

well, baby girl you are 3 months old now!  we're out of the "4th trimester" and on to big things!  you don't look like a newborn anymore and are really starting to show some of your beautiful features!  a lot of people say you look like daddy, but i think you look like yourself. the one and only evelyn :) you have blue blue eyes, light brown hair (it's starting to fall out!), one sweet little dimple on the right side, long skinny legs and a long torso (that you do get from your dad!) you are almost ALWAYS smiling!!

new things this month... 
this month you started to coo and talk a LOT!  it's the sweetest sound to hear your little voice! (i once said the same thing about your sister! ha!) 
you decided that your 12-week birthday was a good day to start rolling over belly to back. i'm surprised you haven't done this sooner, as you HATE being on your belly.  tummy time=spit up time
you celebrated your first thanksgiving... 
first christmas tree cutting down extravaganza 
got to see mommy's aunts, uncles & cousins at the Smith Family Christmas 
you started sleeping longer stretches at night (9:30/10-6:30am)
and the biggest change this month brought...
your first all-nighter in your crib! i was so hesitant to do this, but i think you were ready for it... you seem to be outgrowing the rock n play and we were putting you in your crib after your last feeding of the night and bringing you into our room when we were ready for bed.  finally, last night we decided to keep you in your crib and see how it went.  so far so good!  you made it til 7am! 

speaking of sleep... you're still a bit of a cat-napper, napping anywhere between 45min-2 hours.  45 min being the typical.  you take 1-2 naps a day in your crib, the rest are usually on the go or in our arms. i know these days don't last long, so i soak up all the baby cuddles i can get! 

you are still exclusively nursing and getting 1 bottle before bed if dad is home to give it to you.  the spit up is still outta control... i hope this stops soon.  

our typical schedule...
7am- nurse and back to bed
9am- nurse & ready to play with big sis! 
10:30ish- ready for nap #1 in your crib 
12:00- nurse & play time with mommy as big sis is sleeeeeeping
1:30 nap #2 usually in your crib or snuggles with mama
3pm- nurse & ready for some adventure with nora
5:30- dinner time & fussy time
7:30 bath & ready for bed
8/8:30 bottle and out like a light! 

you're still in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  i see you outgrowing these lengthwise sooner rather than later, but you are still so skinny!  your cheeks are getting chubbier though, too! 

we took you to the doctor for your 3 month well visit and you weigh 11.2 pounds (13th percentile) and are 23 inches long (25th percentile).  

evy girl... 
your daddy and i love you so very much.  every day i think how lucky i am to be your mama and have 2 loving little girls.  i love when you smile at me with those bright blue eyes and you just melt my heart!  i am SO sad to be going back to work after the holidays and leave you.  these past 3 months have been so special and i will always treasure our time together.  you are such a special little lady. 

mama & daddy 

cuddles with k

big smiles as always