Tuesday, December 29, 2015

christmas 2015

nora & evelyn,
what a great christmas this year!! nora, you really are starting to understand a little more about christmas and evy, this was your first christmas!! what a special day!

we spent christmas eve with mommy's family.  my big christmas celebration was always on christmas eve with my grandma, aunts/uncles & cousins and it's important to me to continue this tradition with my side of the family.  daddy had to work on christmas eve, so uncle kyle came over and helped get us all out of the house... there is SO much stuff required to take you two places these days! 
we spent the afternoon at grandma and papa's house relaxing, cooking, drinking yummy christmas drinks, eating our swedish appetizers and salmon dinner & finally opening presents.  you were so patient waiting until daddy got there to open your presents.  nora kept saying "those presents are not for me" because we've been talking about not all presents being for you and understanding that santa may not bring ALL that you ask for.  it's a tough lesson to learn :) 
all dressed up for christmas eve

santa brought you a NEW BIKE for christmas!!! 

christmas morning SANTA came!!!! he indeed brought you exactly what you asked for... more puzzles! nora, you loved opening all your presents and wanted to play with every toy the second you opened it.  evy, you were down for your morning nap by the time we were opening presents... you missed most of the fun :)  

christmas morning 

after opening presents and naps, we headed over to gigi and papa's house for christmas day celebration with daddy's side of the family.  there were so many people there and nora loved being the center of attention!  well, evy might have stolen the show with her baby cuteness, but nora you had a blast playing with all of your uncles! after a fun filled christmas day, we packed everyone up and headed home straight for bed.  

christmas day at the georgalas' 
christmas is always a magical time, but even more magical when you have two little girls to spend it with.  watching the awe and wonder in your eyes the past few weeks leading up to christmas has been such a treat for me.  nora, you seem to find excitement and wonder in everything you do and see.  everything is pure joy for you... from leaving cookies and milk for santa to seeing the christmas tree filled with presents on christmas morning.  there is nothing better than seeing christmas through a child's eye.  we love you two dearly and are so grateful for all the love and joy you two have brought us.  
merry christmas, nora and evelyn!!!
mommy & daddy 

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