Tuesday, December 30, 2014

merry merry christmas!

merry second christmas! this christmas your dad and i could not stop reminiscing about past christmases, especially the last two.  you have changed so much since last christmas.  you were just learning how to roll both ways and now you're running all over and talking up a storm!  

we spent christmas eve with grandma and papa, uncle kyle, and great grandma joan.  you were quite overwhelmed with all the presents.  you had a lot of fun opening them, but weren't so sure what to play with first.  your attention span with each gift was quite short!  

here are some pictures from christmas eve...
cookie monster

seeing all the presents! 

farm house & animals

bitty baby 

our family christmas eve 2014

take 2

trying to sit in the doll stroller :) 

"dada nigh nigh" haha

reading books to your baby & elfie 

christmas morning was so much fun!  when you woke up and saw the living room, you said, "wow!"  your dad and i got you a kids table and painted it with a chalkboard top.  you seemed to have fun sitting there drinking your milk and coloring with your new crayons and minnie book.  santa brought you your very first baby doll, too!  a few clothes, puffs, and a water bottle rounded out the gifts from mom, dad & santa.

then we headed over to gigi and grandpa's house to spend christmas day with the georgalas side of the family.  your uncle mike & uncle jimmy were excited to play with you all day. you ran all over the house screaming, "miii" for "mike".  you exhausted us all!  you were very spoiled by your loving grandparents, too! once again, you were quite overwhelmed with opening all the presents.  you loved the magnadoodle and little bunny you opened.  here are some pictures from our christmas day...

playing at gigi & grandpa's house

oh, hi minnie! thanks gigi for our new fav toy! 

we had such a magical christmas this year.  i am so excited for future christmases and all the excitement that will come!  
merry christmas, nora!
mommy & daddy 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

winter break, part 1

dear nora,
i have two whole weeks home with you!  could there be anything better than that?! (yes, the summer... but that's so far away!) here are some pictures from our time together...
best way to start winter break.. cuddles in bed :)
playing with your baby & bunny
 (pictures from aunt kristen)
my 3 favorite triplets! 

my handsome godson :)

such a big smile you have, nora! 
opening presents from the favia's
mesmerized by the christmas lights 

just reading books by the tree...  
dinner at shake shack 
with the ORIGINAL elf... elfie 

taking lucy for a walk

you love the tree!

picnic dinner night!

we have several other fun things planned for the break, so i'm sure there will be more pictures to share!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

visiting santa

dear nora, 
today your dad and i took you to go sit on santa's lap and tell him what you want for christmas.  we waited in a looooong line and you were so patient!  of course the line for santa was by the toy section at macy's and you were in heaven with all those toys!  
in the meantime, we put our name on the list to have lunch at the walnut room under the big christmas tree.  an hour and a half later, you were screaming sitting on santa's mommy's lap.  

you loved sitting near the tree and kept looking at all the lights, decorations, and ornaments (which you call "balls").  
coloring with crayons.
a fairy princess came to visit us while we were eating, too.  she sprinkled fairy dust on you for a special christmas wish! 

you loved her wand! 

make a wish!

when we got home, we did a little christmas "art"...your first painting!  dad did NOT like how messy you got, but i figured it's all fun & games :) 

then we met martin, elizabeth & isabelle for dinner.  she's such a good big cousin to you! 

reading books at dinner

what a fun day we had, nora!  i know you won't remember these moments, but it is so important to your dad and i to create these moments and memories for you.  we love you so much and can't wait to continue this tradition with you year after year! (even if we do have to wait in really long lines!)

mama & dada

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new family traditions

this weekend we started a new family tradition.  i know you are a little young to remember these traditions, but it is important to your dad and i that we have family traditions that you grow up remembering.  this year we decided to start the tradition of cutting down our christmas tree.  this was something i did as a kid and looked forward to it every year.  i still have such vivid memories of that day and i will always cherish those memories.  i hope you will too, one day.  

we went to richardson's family tree farm in spring grove, il.... not as far as i was expecting!  you and i both napped on the way there AND on the way back.. silence for daddy :) 

we took a hay ride out to the trees and searched high and low for the perfect tree!  it was hard because almost ALL of the trees were perfect! you wanted to get down and walk so bad, but it was wayyyyy too muddy!  

after we cut down our tree we went inside to warm up with some hot chocolate.  i gave you a sip after it cooled down but you were not a fan!  i wonder if you will dislike chocolate just like i did when i was young?? you haven't liked any other chocolate things i've given you a taste of yet! 
not really sure what to think of the bumpy wagon ride!

watching daddy being MANLY!

our perfect tree!

sitting right in the mud...


now you're happy on the wagon! 

2014 georgalas family tree cutting.. i'm the only smart one with sunglasses :) 
another new family tradition i started this year was our advent calendar.  i know once again, you are way too young for this to make any sense to you, but i wanted to remind you and us about the idea of giving around the holidays.  the sense of giving and family is so very important to me and i want you to always remember that during this season.  our advent calendar has things on there that remind us to do things for others.  we have had a fun time making crafts to give to people, bringing people a hot coffee when they least expect it, and having festive meals just the 3 of us!  

santa sheets & christmas jammies! ready for the season!

our advent calendar...handmade :) 

snowman pancakes for dinner
 and just because you're too darn cute... !!