Tuesday, September 6, 2016

first day of preschool

nora marie,
today you start preschool.  wow.  you are so ready for this adventure.  i look at you and think, "how did my little baby girl grow up so fast?!" as i'm sure every mom thinks :) you seem so old, yet so young at the same time.  
7:30am you jumped out of bed, got dressed and put your backpack on, ready to go!  i told you that we still had over an hour before we needed to leave, and you replied with, "let's go! i dont wanna be late!" me either, baby girl.  me either :)  
needless to say, i had plenty of time to snap a few pictures of you before you went inside.  

once we walked in, you walked in like you owned that preschool.  then woah- put the breaks on...  the first time a teacher talked to you, our shy little nora came out.  see, this is what i mean by you seem so old, yet so young at the same time.  you quickly warmed up though and were very excited to play with all the toys, paint teddy bears, & sing songs with your teacher.  you were very excited for the story the first day of preschool that your teacher read.  you listened so well and did an excellent job of sitting on the rug.  promise me you'll always do that, okay?! :) 

i just know that you will make some great friends, learn all sorts of new things, and explore a whole new world without me there every minute of your day.  we are so excited for you and all that you will encounter this year!  when your dad and i were driving you to school this morning, we thought "we will be driving or walking her to school every tuesday morning til she's 18!' this is just the beginning of a great big world of learning, trying new things, and exploring.  we are so proud of you, nora! 
we love you to pieces, big girl!
mama & daddy