Saturday, September 27, 2014

13 months old

you turned 13 months old this weekend and we completely forgot to celebrate (oh no...such bad parents!)  we were so busy celebrating another friend's 1st birthday that it completely slipped our minds!  you are busy busy busy! if i tried to sit you down for one second to take your picture, you'd squirm and run away!  here's what you've been up to this past month:

running. once you learned to walk it was all over from there... you run everywhere, all over the house, up and down the driveway.  everywhere.

you cry for food... if we don't feed you STAT, it is all out tears.  i swear kid, we feed you!  you can tell by your chubby legs & belly!

speaking of belly, you learned a new "trick".  if we ask you where your belly is, you'll lift up your shirt and look down at your belly.  it is SO cute!

you give everything hugs & kisses... all your toys, stuffed animals, and family.  

when you drink your milk (FINALLY out of a sippy!!!) you say, "ahhh" afterwards.  not sure where you learned that one from :)

you learned the "milk" sign this week, too.   you also sign "more" and "all-done".   i think (for the first and only time in your life) hanging out with an older boy, taught you some good things!  you loved your evening with brooks this week!! he taught you how to sign "milk" and say "baby.  now when you see a picture of yourself when you were little, you point and say "baby".  SO sweet. 

you say a few words, but we're working on your language.  you'll say
-dado (changed from dada to dado recently)
- doggie (sounds like die! especially cause you SCREAM it when you see a dog)
- baby
-my (not sure what this really means, milk, mine, ... )

if you need your diaper changed, you'll climb up the stairs and go straight to your room.  potty training soon?!?! you'll go to your highchair if you're hungry and you'll stand in front of the fridge reaching up signing milk if you're thirsty! no sippy cup can pass your eyes without being DEMANDED!

you are learning to use your toys in new ways, too.  you'll put the rings on the pole, put the rings on the octopus legs, & LOVE putting things in baskets or cups.  you even put sophie in lucy's dog dish tonight! 

you're responding to certain commands, too.  i'll tell you to go get something, and you run to retrieve it! you look so proud when you do!  if i ask, "where's daddy?" you look around and do an almost shrug with your hands. 

you love...
- going down the slide from uncle mike
- rocking on the rocking moose from uncle kyle (you giggle the whole time!)
- takes FOREVER to get down the block now....
- peek-a-boo (this ensures GREAT giggles!)
- tickles (giggles galore!)
- dancing & music (must sign you up for a music class soon!)
- baths
- cheerios (as always)
- lucy.  especially when she runs around like crazy, you laugh so hard! 

your hair has gotten longer, you've gotten taller, and you look so much older.  still, when you have your pj's on and have your paci and blankie you look like such a baby and i LOVE it!  

you still cry when i pick you up from miss kathy's... 

my favorite moment this month was this past weekend when dad got up with you and let me "sleep" in, you ran into our room shrieking and saying, "mama!" with a HUGE smile on your face.  those are the moments i live for.

i still miss you SO much when i'm at work and i hurry home to pick you up.  monday's are the hardest and i treasure our time together, even though you are just such a peach (ha!) from 5-6pm ;) i know before i blink you'll be running off to play with your friends after school and won't want to spend as much time with me.  every time i see you i just can't help but hug you so tight and kiss your sweet little face.  you'll never know how much we love you, noraboo! 

mama & dado

life as a one year old ...

dear nora,
we've had quite the busy schedule lately.  here's a little insight to what life is like since you turned 1!
you go to the sitter's house (Miss Kathy) every Monday-Thursday and Dad stays home with you on Fridays. He says that's his favorite day of the week!  I'm slightly jealous :) At the sitter's you'll play with two other kids, go for walks, go to the park, and play outside!  She keeps you so busy that when I come to pick you up, sometimes you cry because you want to stay and play with your new friends.  I rush home from school to pick you up so we can make the most of the few hours we do have together.  I think that's the hardest part about being a working mom...only having you for 3 hours a day during the week!   
Our weekends are usually filled with errands & trying to do something fun!! You are SO silly that everything we do, you end up having a blast!  We went to The Gap  and got you some new fall clothes... I'm in search for a winter jacket for you now.  It will probably be pink, knowing me :)
This weekend we had a few birthday parties to go, too.  Your yoga baby friends are all turning one now, too! 
You are walking up a storm these days!  You're still kind of wobbly and unsure, but it is so sweet to watch you make progress in such a short amount of time.  update: one week later and you are RUNNING everywhere!  i can't keep up!

happy birthday, dad!

family birthday dinner

after school ice cream date

good morning, sleepyhead! 

hangin' with brooks & lucy

just hangin on the front of a fire truck 

MPFD open house with your cousins 

friday dinners at mia's cantina 

real life at 5pm

what our kitchen looks like EVERY night i'm trying to make dinner..  
swingin at the park 

attempting dinner with bowls and silverware

playing with stickers from your Freshly Picked moccs

Saturday, September 6, 2014

nora's first birthday party

we had a blast at your first birthday party! you had so many friends and family there to celebrate with you! what a special day :) here's your day in pictures!
(all pictures are unedited & not in any particular order...)

these two...lovebirds ;) 

hangin' with kate & isabelle

yay! look at me! i'm one! 

big hugs :)

playing with your "cousins" 

nora & grandpa

nora & grandma

nora & grandpa


future husband & wife with their mama's :) 

with your loving godparents, aunt kristen & uncle mike!

taking a break from the chaos in your chair

nate loves you! (so does isabelle!)

IG pics...i didn't want to take this down! such sweet memories

signing "happy birthday!" to the birthday girl!

attempt #1 at a kids shot

attempt #2...

yoga babies, minus one

attempt #1 at a yoga baby pic...

best we could get :)

happy with aunt kristen :)

nora & uncle kyle

being silly with uncle jimmy!

nora & gigi