Saturday, July 23, 2016

camp days

you're going to camp one day a week and loving it!! i was so nervous at first that you would be away from me for such a long day (9-1).  you only are away from me when you're at miss kathy's and that's like another home away from home for you.  
sure enough, you never cease to surprise me and you are LOVING camp! you're a bit nervous at first in the morning, but as soon as you see your teachers and friends you run back, hang your backpack up like a champ and hurry to go play! my favorite is when you run back to give me a hug and kiss and say "i love you mommy! have a good day!" 
when i pick you up, you tell me all about your day.... what books your teachers read, what you played with, how many times you went potty (ha!), and all about how you made your craft.  i was working with you on asking the little girl you keep playing with what her name is.  you tell me "shes the girl with the orange shirt" so this past week you asked her name and you even remembered it when i picked you up.  so sweet :) 
i am glad that you are enjoying time with other friends, learning to play and share with other kids, and having some time with big kids.  your days are filled with mommy & evy and sometimes because evy is a baby, i need to tend to her first.  this is frustrating for you at times, although you are my biggest and best helper.  this also allows me to spend some one-on-one time with evs, as i haven't really ever had the chance to do.  

i am so proud of you and all that you are learning, nora marie.  i canNOT believe that you will be going to preschool in just a few short months (weeks, really!) how did my baby become so big?!

first day of camp:

2nd to last week... very excited to make your turtle craft! you learned that turtles have to have patience, something you are also working on!

last day of camp!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 months of evy girl

happy 10 months, evelyn jane!
oh girlie, we love you so! you are growing up so fast and i am trying to soak up every minute with you before you are a walking, talking toddler.  you are changing so fast these days and learning so many new things!
we took you to the pediatrician last week for your 10 month check up.  you weigh 7lbs 13oz and are 27 5/8in long.  pretty much the exact same size your sister was at 10 months.

finally finally finally sleeping through the night!! it took me leaving for a few days for you to drop the 5am feeding, but boy is everyone happier now that you are sleeping.  you go down around 7:30 and are up around 7:30/8am.  you take a morning nap & afternoon nap, but are okay skipping the morning nap or napping on the go, depending on our plans for the day.

you are JUST like your dad when it comes to food.  you eat so much!! you have both hands filled with food, always a bite waiting to be shoved in! your favorites these days are: scrambled eggs, pancakes, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, blueberries, watermelon & homemade broccoli bites.  you eat three meals a day & have 4-5 bottles throughout the day.  we're going to try peanut butter this week :) 

- crawling EVERYWHERE
- pulling up on ANYTHING
- always wanting to stand
- pointing
- waving "hi" & "bye"--if we say, "say hi, evy!" you start waving and smiling like crazy! 
- talking up a storm! i'm so glad you have found your voice! your sister and mom like to talk ALL the time,  so it's hard to get a word in around here, but you are sure making yourself heard! 
- still 2 teeth and it doesn't seem like any are coming any time soon... 
- first sleepover at grandma & papa's--you did great! 

- dancing! any time you hear music you start to wiggle and shake
- nora & mom still remain your favorite people.  you are in a bit of a stranger-danger phase and really only want to be held by mommy :)
- your lamby
- babies--any time you see a picture of a baby or a baby in a book you try to kiss them, smile & talk to them.  very cute!

time with you evelyn, just keeps getting better and better! i love watching you grow and see what kind of person you will be.  your personality is starting to show more and more these days.  
we love you, baby girl!
mama & daddy

10 month photo dump 

duck face ;)

ice cream stealer

Friday, July 15, 2016

summer adventures part 1

my favorite little girls,
we've had quite a few summer adventures so far and we're just beginning!! 
nora- you are such a little fish!! you are jumping in the water and swimming all over the place.  i cannot wait to get you in swim lessons again for the're going to love it! 
evy- you loooooove splashing in the water, but do NOT like getting splashed by the big kids!

we took the train to edison park last week with dana, kate & tyler.  this was quite the adventure and all the kids LOVED riding on the train.  kate and tyler are pros at this and this was your second time doing so, nora.  evy, you just loved to people watch the whole time.  we got off and had lunch then played at the park for awhile.  noodles, parks & a train... i think this was a win-win in your book, nora!

we took you to see your first movie in the theater!! it all started with these little play fish from the target dollar spot and me telling you about finding nemo.  we checked out the movie from the library and you were hooked.  so, off to see finding dory in the theater!  i had very low expectations of taking an almost-3 year old to see a movie, but you rocked it! you loved the seats, the movie, the snacks... you actually paid attention most of the time, too! for the past week or so you'll tell everyone you see (stranger or friend) "Guess what! i want to tell you something! i saw finding dory in the movie theater!" your excitement over these things makes me remember how happy even the little things can make you.  being 2.5 has it's challenges, but to see how happy and excited you are makes me want to have all these adventures with you over and over again! i love planning things that make memories for our family.  

bike rides...
nora- you are rockin' it on your bike! you'll ride all the way around the block (and we have a long block!)  you take time to look at the trees, smell the flowers, and find even the tiniest bugs on the ground.

we've been keeping busy and enjoying all that summer has to offer because i know the first day of school is looming all too near... thankfully we still have a family vacation coming up and lots of things to check off our bucket list, too!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

fourth of july weekend

nora & evelyn,
you better believe your mama dressed you in fourth of july inspired outfits starting july 1st! you have plenty of red, white & blue and stars & stripes to go around, so why not?! 

we started the weekend out right with having the foley's over for dinner & s'mores. always a fun time with these guys!! 

very proud of your masrhmallow on a stick.

saturday was filled with bike rides, walks, & backyard shenanigans. 

sunday flew by as we all took glorious naps, walks to starbucks & played with the neighbors til all hours of the night (not really, but 8:00pm seems like it when you're 2.5!)

monday morning we woke up and had a patriotic breakfast, baked homemade strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream (YUM!) & got ready for the parade!

nora, you LOVED the parade and danced to all the bands that played.  you said your favorite part was the "mastics" (gymnastics) kids and the tiny cars.  evy, you took a little spill at the parade and scraped up your poor little nose.  typical evy fashion though, after a few tears you're still all smiles and cuddles afterwards.
on our way! first ride in the wagon for evs

nora has her candy bag all ready

at the parade with grandma & papa
we went back to grandma & papa's house for a late nap and a delicious dinner.  daddy had to work today, but he made it home just in time for a cocktail and ribs!  nora the highlight of your day must have been the fireworks!  dad and i decided that we would attempt to take you to see them since you've been talking about it nonstop for a week! "it's july now! we can go see the boom boom fireworks!" you were very antsy waiting for them to start, but looooved the different colors and sounds of the fireworks.  you said the pink sparkly ones were your fav.

watching the fireworks with daddy

we had such a good weekend.. too many bomb pops, s'mores & shortcake to go around, but that's what memories are made of.  here's to sleeping in today and another fantastic fourth in the books!
mama & daddy