Friday, July 15, 2016

summer adventures part 1

my favorite little girls,
we've had quite a few summer adventures so far and we're just beginning!! 
nora- you are such a little fish!! you are jumping in the water and swimming all over the place.  i cannot wait to get you in swim lessons again for the're going to love it! 
evy- you loooooove splashing in the water, but do NOT like getting splashed by the big kids!

we took the train to edison park last week with dana, kate & tyler.  this was quite the adventure and all the kids LOVED riding on the train.  kate and tyler are pros at this and this was your second time doing so, nora.  evy, you just loved to people watch the whole time.  we got off and had lunch then played at the park for awhile.  noodles, parks & a train... i think this was a win-win in your book, nora!

we took you to see your first movie in the theater!! it all started with these little play fish from the target dollar spot and me telling you about finding nemo.  we checked out the movie from the library and you were hooked.  so, off to see finding dory in the theater!  i had very low expectations of taking an almost-3 year old to see a movie, but you rocked it! you loved the seats, the movie, the snacks... you actually paid attention most of the time, too! for the past week or so you'll tell everyone you see (stranger or friend) "Guess what! i want to tell you something! i saw finding dory in the movie theater!" your excitement over these things makes me remember how happy even the little things can make you.  being 2.5 has it's challenges, but to see how happy and excited you are makes me want to have all these adventures with you over and over again! i love planning things that make memories for our family.  

bike rides...
nora- you are rockin' it on your bike! you'll ride all the way around the block (and we have a long block!)  you take time to look at the trees, smell the flowers, and find even the tiniest bugs on the ground.

we've been keeping busy and enjoying all that summer has to offer because i know the first day of school is looming all too near... thankfully we still have a family vacation coming up and lots of things to check off our bucket list, too!

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  1. We have been in the pool a ton too! Evy's hair & her swim suit just slay me!