Saturday, July 23, 2016

camp days

you're going to camp one day a week and loving it!! i was so nervous at first that you would be away from me for such a long day (9-1).  you only are away from me when you're at miss kathy's and that's like another home away from home for you.  
sure enough, you never cease to surprise me and you are LOVING camp! you're a bit nervous at first in the morning, but as soon as you see your teachers and friends you run back, hang your backpack up like a champ and hurry to go play! my favorite is when you run back to give me a hug and kiss and say "i love you mommy! have a good day!" 
when i pick you up, you tell me all about your day.... what books your teachers read, what you played with, how many times you went potty (ha!), and all about how you made your craft.  i was working with you on asking the little girl you keep playing with what her name is.  you tell me "shes the girl with the orange shirt" so this past week you asked her name and you even remembered it when i picked you up.  so sweet :) 
i am glad that you are enjoying time with other friends, learning to play and share with other kids, and having some time with big kids.  your days are filled with mommy & evy and sometimes because evy is a baby, i need to tend to her first.  this is frustrating for you at times, although you are my biggest and best helper.  this also allows me to spend some one-on-one time with evs, as i haven't really ever had the chance to do.  

i am so proud of you and all that you are learning, nora marie.  i canNOT believe that you will be going to preschool in just a few short months (weeks, really!) how did my baby become so big?!

first day of camp:

2nd to last week... very excited to make your turtle craft! you learned that turtles have to have patience, something you are also working on!

last day of camp!

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