Monday, October 26, 2015

evy you're one month old!

evy girl,
i can't believe you're ONE MONTH already!!! it feels like just yesterday i was still pregnant with you!  
you've fit so seamlessly into our lives and it's like you were always here!  
you are the most easy going baby and are always up for an adventure! (there are a lot of adventures since your big sis likes to get out of the house!) 
one of many, many park dates
these days you're sleeping and eating a lot... that's pretty much it.  you've been expanding your awake time and we're starting to do our "eat-play-sleep" routine this week, too.  nora loves to do tummy time with you and try and get you to turn your head.  one day you were looking right at her and she got SO excited and said "mommy!!! baby evy looking at nora!!!"
tummy time with big sis

matching pacis. (yikes)

you eat quite often and quickly... anywhere between 9 and 12 times a day.  we haven't given you a bottle yet, but will soon!

you wake up usually twice throughout the night, sometimes more often.  you're sleeping in mommy & daddy's room, sometimes in the pack n' play sometimes in the rock n' play...whatever makes you happier at night (so we can get more sleep!)

we had a little bit of a health scare when you were two weeks old that landed us in the ER, but fortunately everything is a-ok and you just have some major reflux!  the spitting up has gotten slightly better, but not that much.

you weigh 8 pounds 12 ounces (29th percentile) and are 21.5 inches long (71st percentile)... long and lean just like your dad!

you just started growing out of your newborn clothes, lengthwise and seem to be more comfortable in 0-3 month things.  still wearing the itty-bitty newborn diapers though :)

some adventures this month include...
pumpkin patch (see halloween post)
target, marianos, nordstrom... (the usual)
boo at the zoo (see halloween post)
multiple parks around the neighborhood
doctors office & er

n: "baby evy's toes cold, mommy. i hold 'em" 

evy girl,
we love you so much and love being your mommy & daddy.  we are looking forward to watching you grow and seeing the beautiful girl you become!
mommy & daddy 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

halloween fun

nora & evy,
we've had some halloween fun lately and are sure to have quite a bit more!  
nora, you are LOVING halloween again this year!  every day we go for walks and you love to point out all the halloween decorations and pumpkins along our way.  your favorite game to play is "i spy..." and you always find some sort of halloween thing to "spy".  you even told me the other day on our walk, "mommy! take picture by orange tree!"
evy, you're a little young for pumpkins and halloween decorations this year :)

we went to boo at the zoo with dana, tim, kate & tyler again this year.  absolutely impossible to get a picture of the 4 of you, but we did have a blast in the corn maze, watching the pumpkin smasher, and feeding the baby goats.

we've been busy doing halloween crafts.  we painted pumpkins the other day and you thought this was an awesome activity! (yay for me... mom win!)

"mummy quesidillas" for lunch!

this was the best i could get for our matching halloween pj's... nora, your skeleton pj's glow in the dark and you are loving turning off the lights at night to see the skeleton bones glow!  the way you say "skeleton" is so sweet!
n: 'oh so tiny baby!'
e: 'stop putting me in this position, mom!' 

n, you look so big next to e but i forget you really are still my baby :) 

we picked our pumpkins the other week at the pumpkin patch and are looking forward to carving them!  nora decided that she gets to decide what the pumpkin's face will look like!
at the pumpkin patch you loved looking at all the big kid activities, but there were so many other "big" kids and it was way too crowded to do any of the rides, etc.  we picked out our perfect pumpkins, ate apple cider donuts (your fave!), and attempted many obligatory kid-in-the-pumpkin pictures.

i'm looking forward to carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and seeing you dressed up as a flamingo!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

life lately with two little ladies

nora & evy,
well, it's been 3 weeks since you two met and we became a family of 4!  you two are learning to adjust to life with each other (ok, well mainly nora you're learning to adjust to life as a big sister and not being the only child!) 
sometimes things can be quite crazy...especially when you two conspire against mommy and decide to cry and want something at the exact. same. time.  thanks, ladies...
but most of the time, things are wonderful and i feel like my life is so complete with you two girls.  nora, you are an amazing helper and a caring, loving big sister.  
evy, you are just the sweetest baby and already have learned to go with the flow (second child issues).  

evy, you turn 3 weeks old today!  we had a rough week health-wise, but still managed to fit in quite a few fun activities!  tuesday we were at the pumpkin patch and you were spitting up neon yellow. now, you've been quite the spitter since birth, but the neon yellow?! yikes, girlfriend.  you scare me!  so a trip to the ped was in order.  an ER visit followed after that for quite a few tests that thankfully, all came back normal.  they told us you have reflux and started you on some meds.  we learned that the meds won't necessarily keep you from spitting up, but they'll reduce the acid and it won't hurt you to spit up.  but really, the spit up can stop... i'm already sick of doing laundry and changing our clothes 8 times a day :) fortunately though, after we went back for yet another weight check (what is it with you girls not gaining weight at a young age?! you trying to give your mama gray hair already?!) you gained a few ounces and are now up to a whole 8lbs.  you go, girl! 

sleep-wise you're doing "okay"...some good nights and some not-so-good nights.  you're up a few times a night but have some trouble falling asleep thanks to all the spit up.  you rarely cry though, so i'll take it... but please, keep the coffee coming! 

so in your 3 weeks of life, you got to watch big sis at gymnastics class, go to the pumpkin patch, a few target runs (because really, that's what keeps mama sane!), lots of walks and park visits.  you are so content hanging out in the solly baby wrap during our walks.  thank goodness because this gives mama two hands to tackle the toddler in our lives :) 

here are some pictures from the week... because really, it's all about the pictures!! 

telling silly stories with grandma :) 

i caught this unprompted moment... "hi baby evy!" 

big yawns! so over our attempted "big-little sister photo shoot"

just leave the photo shoots to the professionals... neither one of you wanted this... 

baby pumpkins & coffee make grocery shopping with two just that much easier

attempted family 

full hands.  full heart.  xoxo 

early morning walks

sweet sweet evy girl...