Sunday, October 11, 2015

life lately with two little ladies

nora & evy,
well, it's been 3 weeks since you two met and we became a family of 4!  you two are learning to adjust to life with each other (ok, well mainly nora you're learning to adjust to life as a big sister and not being the only child!) 
sometimes things can be quite crazy...especially when you two conspire against mommy and decide to cry and want something at the exact. same. time.  thanks, ladies...
but most of the time, things are wonderful and i feel like my life is so complete with you two girls.  nora, you are an amazing helper and a caring, loving big sister.  
evy, you are just the sweetest baby and already have learned to go with the flow (second child issues).  

evy, you turn 3 weeks old today!  we had a rough week health-wise, but still managed to fit in quite a few fun activities!  tuesday we were at the pumpkin patch and you were spitting up neon yellow. now, you've been quite the spitter since birth, but the neon yellow?! yikes, girlfriend.  you scare me!  so a trip to the ped was in order.  an ER visit followed after that for quite a few tests that thankfully, all came back normal.  they told us you have reflux and started you on some meds.  we learned that the meds won't necessarily keep you from spitting up, but they'll reduce the acid and it won't hurt you to spit up.  but really, the spit up can stop... i'm already sick of doing laundry and changing our clothes 8 times a day :) fortunately though, after we went back for yet another weight check (what is it with you girls not gaining weight at a young age?! you trying to give your mama gray hair already?!) you gained a few ounces and are now up to a whole 8lbs.  you go, girl! 

sleep-wise you're doing "okay"...some good nights and some not-so-good nights.  you're up a few times a night but have some trouble falling asleep thanks to all the spit up.  you rarely cry though, so i'll take it... but please, keep the coffee coming! 

so in your 3 weeks of life, you got to watch big sis at gymnastics class, go to the pumpkin patch, a few target runs (because really, that's what keeps mama sane!), lots of walks and park visits.  you are so content hanging out in the solly baby wrap during our walks.  thank goodness because this gives mama two hands to tackle the toddler in our lives :) 

here are some pictures from the week... because really, it's all about the pictures!! 

telling silly stories with grandma :) 

i caught this unprompted moment... "hi baby evy!" 

big yawns! so over our attempted "big-little sister photo shoot"

just leave the photo shoots to the professionals... neither one of you wanted this... 

baby pumpkins & coffee make grocery shopping with two just that much easier

attempted family 

full hands.  full heart.  xoxo 

early morning walks

sweet sweet evy girl... 


  1. The girls are so adorable! I love the pictures of Nora with Evy. She is such a great big sister. What a lucky mama you are! :)

  2. Aw, what sweet moments! All the spit up is no fun, but happy to hear she is sing better.