Monday, October 26, 2015

evy you're one month old!

evy girl,
i can't believe you're ONE MONTH already!!! it feels like just yesterday i was still pregnant with you!  
you've fit so seamlessly into our lives and it's like you were always here!  
you are the most easy going baby and are always up for an adventure! (there are a lot of adventures since your big sis likes to get out of the house!) 
one of many, many park dates
these days you're sleeping and eating a lot... that's pretty much it.  you've been expanding your awake time and we're starting to do our "eat-play-sleep" routine this week, too.  nora loves to do tummy time with you and try and get you to turn your head.  one day you were looking right at her and she got SO excited and said "mommy!!! baby evy looking at nora!!!"
tummy time with big sis

matching pacis. (yikes)

you eat quite often and quickly... anywhere between 9 and 12 times a day.  we haven't given you a bottle yet, but will soon!

you wake up usually twice throughout the night, sometimes more often.  you're sleeping in mommy & daddy's room, sometimes in the pack n' play sometimes in the rock n' play...whatever makes you happier at night (so we can get more sleep!)

we had a little bit of a health scare when you were two weeks old that landed us in the ER, but fortunately everything is a-ok and you just have some major reflux!  the spitting up has gotten slightly better, but not that much.

you weigh 8 pounds 12 ounces (29th percentile) and are 21.5 inches long (71st percentile)... long and lean just like your dad!

you just started growing out of your newborn clothes, lengthwise and seem to be more comfortable in 0-3 month things.  still wearing the itty-bitty newborn diapers though :)

some adventures this month include...
pumpkin patch (see halloween post)
target, marianos, nordstrom... (the usual)
boo at the zoo (see halloween post)
multiple parks around the neighborhood
doctors office & er

n: "baby evy's toes cold, mommy. i hold 'em" 

evy girl,
we love you so much and love being your mommy & daddy.  we are looking forward to watching you grow and seeing the beautiful girl you become!
mommy & daddy 


  1. These are great pictures! I love how much Nora loves Evy! :)

  2. Oh my she is pretty! But poor poor girl with the reflux. :'(