Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 months of evy girl

dear evelyn,
well my darling, you are 5 months old now! how quickly time passes, especially with the second baby!  don't worry though... there are plenty of pictures of you to show off!

this past month has been a rough one... lots of changes!
you learned to roll over both ways and are constantly doing so!  it took awhile for you to get used to this new-found skill.  you were not so happy on your belly, especially in the middle of the night! which leads to our next change... a lot less sleeping! oh where oh where did my excellent sleeper go?! i'd really like to have her back...SOON!
you sleep 7:45-5:30 (with a wakeup or two. or three.) and take 2 naps during the day.  sometimes these naps are stellar and sometimes they are quite short.  typically you nap longer at home than at the sitter's house.
you found your feet and constantly have them in your mouth... actually, anything you can get your hands on is in your mouth.  dr said no sign of teeth yet, though.
you're grabbing for things and transferring them from and to hand.  you love to play with anything that crinkles or makes a sound.
you still love your kick n' play mat and tummy time is getting much easier!  you're holding your head up well and sitting assisted fairly well.
you prefer being held to being put down, but still are the happiest baby of all time (other than at 3am!!!)
we went to the doctor for your 5 month well visit and you weigh 12 pounds, 8 ounces. and are 24 and 3/4 inches long.  strangely enough, this is the exact same weight nora was at 5 months! the doctor isn't so impressed with the weight gain (or lack there of) this month, so they suggested a few things to add some extra calories and deal with your reflux.  i'm still dairy free, although i do not think it is working.  i'll give it another month or so and evaluate then.
we JUST stopped swaddling you this week since you're rolling over so well and you look like such a "big baby" sleeping unswaddled. i love when you sleep with your arms up in the goal-post position.  you LOVE your lamby paci and it's so easy for you to hold on to and find in the middle of the night.
you've had a cold off and on this month, as well as an eye infection.  it could just be your clogged tear duct, but it seems to be back again every few days or so.
nora is becoming more used to having you around, although she does get jealous sometimes of the attention i have to give you.  she says to me, "you have to hands!" when i am holding you and she wants to be picked up, too! she loves playing with you and you LOVE watching her every single move! nursing you has becoming increasingly difficult if she's around.  you HAVE to have eyes on her at all times.  she loves to lay down next to you and say, "hi evy girl.  i'm nora, nice to meet you", which makes me laugh so hard!
oh evelyn jane, we love you so!  you bring so much joy to our lives, even though they seem crazy and hectic these days!! even though i canNOT wait for you to start sleeping through the night again, i secretly love getting to cuddle with you in the dark quiet of the night.  i know the days are long but the years are short so i am trying to make best of these long days :)
all my love,

and because there are NO shortage of pictures of you, little evy girl, i had to choose just a few :)

stay small, my little flamingo :)

evy + sophie = true love 

enjoying warmer weather in february! 

5 months of smiles!

first time in the tub with nora! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

valentine's day

happy valentine's day, little love bugs!!! 
we have no shortage of pink and hearts around here (girl house!), so we took full advantage of the week and wore all things valentine's day!
valentine's morning we had a special heart-shaped breakfast and opened a few valentine goodies.
mommy & daddy love you two little love bugs SO much!!