Monday, November 2, 2015

halloween 2015

nora & evy,
we had quite the halloween this year!  in true georgalas fashion, we celebrated halloween all week long!  you two had plenty of halloween outfits & pj's to wear throughout the week and we took advantage of all the fun fall/halloween activities throughout the month! 

evy isn't so happy about all of her halloween photo shoots

nora & lil squish evy girl

thursday evening we went to prospect high school (mommy's old high school!) with aunt kristen, uncle mike, nathan, kylie & brianna.  they had a "not so scary halloween" event for all the kids in the neighborhood.  you didn't wear your flamingo skirt and did not like the neck too much.  you thought it was too itchy!  so we improvised!  evy didn't dress up... just rocked one of the many halloween outfits :) 

friday morning we went to mommy's school for the halloween parade and then a halloween playdate at georgia's house.  we got to see all of mommy's students and teacher friends!  of course, i forgot to take pictures! 

friday evening we went to downtown arlington heights for trick or treating with aunt dana, uncle tim, kate and tyler.  grandma and papa met us there since they haven't seen you girls in 10 days!! we ended our evening with dinner at noodles... nora's favorite restaurant! 

always checking out the big kids :)

finally halloween morning! when we woke up, it was rainy and COLD.  so we kicked off our celebration with pumpkin pancakes, carving our pumpkin, and long naps for all.  nora decided that we should have a HAPPY face, not a scary face for our pumpkin.  you wanted triangle eyes and a triangle nose.  it was pretty cute that you "designed" our jack-o-lantern or as you call it "pumpkin face" this year!

after naptime, we got all dressed in your flamingo costume and baby owl costume and were ready for our visitors!  grandma, papa, uncle mike, gigi and papa came over for trick or treating and dinner!  nora, you loved being the center of attention (shocking) and evy, you were pretty chill the whole night letting your sister take center stage twirling around with her feathers-galore flamingo skirt!  finally the rain stopped so uncle mike and i took you out for trick-or-treating.  you have been practicing all week saying "trick or treat", putting candy in your pumpkin bucket, and saying "thank you".  this was your first year trick or treating and you were so excited and could have cared less that it was drizzling and cold out!  

we had a great halloween and of course, on sunday we dealt with the halloween hangover and daylight savings time.  stayed in pj's and played around the house all day.

happy halloween my favorite little birds!
mama & daddy 

love seeing how much you've changed throughout the years! 


  1. That flamingo costume is amazing! And you know I love baby owls!

  2. What a great Halloween week! Cutest flamingo and owl I have ever seen!