Tuesday, November 24, 2015

first snow!!

nora & evelyn,

this past weekend it snowed for the first time this season!! nora, this was the first snow that i think you really remembered, or at least were excited for.  last year you did NOT like the snow--too cold for you! you keep saying, "its 'nowing mommy!!"  evelyn, this was your first snow!! not that you'll remember it... 

it started snowing late friday night after bedtime.  i woke nora up so you could see it coming down.  it is such a magical sight to see... your first snow of the season! (even for the non-snow-loving me)  seeing the wonder in children's eyes during the first snow makes you look at things differently. 

saturday morning we had a birthday party to go to, but we quickly rushed home to put on our snowpants and boots to play outside!  

"I tuck, mama! I tuck!" (tuck=stuck)
mom stinks at building snowmen so we resorted to making snow castles with our sand toys, sledding with the neighbors, and making snowballs.

making snow angels

evy is not so sure about the snow...  

after what seemed like forever, we came inside for some hot chocolate & snuggles! 

 and just because this one is too funny... :) 

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