Sunday, November 8, 2015

a typical day...

nora & evy,
typical.  ha.  nothing too typical these days, but i wanted to write a little about what our "typical" day looks like.  these days when nora was a baby seem like such a blur and i don't want to forget my time home with you two!  i am LOVING being home every day with you girls now.  i am dreading going back to work, but i know it is for the good of our family.  okay, so here it goes... 

evy wakes up ready to eat then right back down again! then i pump & either head back to sleep or start to get ready for the day... make coffee, oatmeal, get nora's breakfast ready, etc. 

nora is up and ready to play!  i hear the sweet sounds of "mommy! come here! i'm awake!" depending on how tired i am, i let you play in bed for a bit before i come get you. 

ready for breakfast, coffee & "nora" time... this is when you get mommy & daddy all to yourself, nora boo! we'll play with play dough, read books, or play with your toys.  occasionally a tv show (current faves: Room on the Broom, Daniel Tiger, Curious George)
i'll try and sneak in a shower if daddy's home or a quick pull-myself-together look.  

evy is up and HANGRY.  quick dose of reflux meds for evy & girl is ready to eat!  if daddy is home, nora and daddy will play or if it's just us girls then nora will read books with mommy while i'm feeding evy or finish up a show from earlier in the morning.

play time!  some days we'll get out of the house for a walk or go on an "adventure", other days we'll just hang around at home.  one day a week nora goes to gymnastics and one day a week she goes to Miss Kathy's house.  Miss Kathy days are mommy's "get things done" days.  

evy is ready for a nap.  she'll nap on the go if we're out and about, in her rock n play or like today, in the crib!! (first successful crib nap.. it was short, but successful!) 

lunch time for all... evy's nap was short today and she's ready to eat again.  i feed evy and get nora's lunch ready.  
today since daddy was home, we braved the wind and went out for lunch!  first successful lunch out!!

NAPTIME!!! (my favorite part of the day... just kidding...)
occasionally i get can both of you to sleep at this time, but usually evy wants to eat again at this time. once nora is down, evy & mommy have some one-on-one time to play, do tummy time, or just hang out and binge-watch some tv :) 
if both of you are napping at the same time (woo hoo!) then i'll get dinner ready or take a nap myself :)

everyone is up and ready to go!  one quick little feed for miss evy and we're out the door for another adventure!  we'll meet friends at the park, go for a walk, go to the library, or run errands.  keeping busy during this time of the day is the key to success! this is the time daddy usually leaves for work if he's working at night.  we wave bye-bye to daddy and count down the hours til he comes home again!! 


home and the witching hour(s) begin.... operation keep nora busy and keep evy happy--whatever that may be! if we're lucky we may have a visit from grandma or gigi during this time... the more hands the better! 

dinner! 3-4 nights a week it's just us girls and a few nights a week we get to have a family dinner with daddy.  his schedule has been pretty crazy the last few months and we're sooo happy when he's home at night with us.   evy is usually ready to eat again so i've been taking multi-tasking to a whole new level... feed evy while sitting with nora to eat and get her whatever she needs.  how are moms only equipped with 2 hands and arms?!  

bathtime for nora! HOPING desperately that evy decides now is a good time to take a catnap so i can have two hands and my full attention on my big girl nora :) 
bath, brush teeth, books, and bed!! you are currently trying to con me into reading as many books as possible to stall going to bed.  don't worry, i don't fall for it :) i stick to my rule of 3 books before bed! 

hugs, kisses, and lights out!  
the evenings with evy-girl are all over the place now. sometimes you are ready to eat again (and again.  and again) and other times you snooze away in the swing or bouncer.  if you're fussy i put you in the solly wrap and try to pick up the kitchen & get a few things done around the house. last dose of reflux meds for miss evy and maybe a small glass of wine for mommy. 

resting & starting to settle in for the night.  usually evy is snoozing on my chest or in my arms at this time.  you're going through a "i need mom to hold me" phase (it's okay.. i looove it, as i have no where else to be!) 

last feed of the night.  the past few nights daddy has been giving you a bottle before bed & i pump one last time.  this has been a good opportunity for daddy to bond with you and for me to start a stash of milk for when i go back to work. 

lights out for all! everyone is exhausted and so ready for bed!  evy is sleeping in mommy & daddy's room now in either the pack n play or the rock n play... whatever works best for your reflux.  

at some point evy will be up in the middle of the night.  usually it's around 2:00am, but it can be as early as 1am or as late as 3am.  no rhyme or reason yet!  you usually eat pretty quickly and i hold you up for about 15minutes to settle your milk then quietly back in the rock n play and you're sound asleep! you are the NOISIEST sleeper! so many noises come from you during the night!  i downloaded a white noise app on my phone and all 3 of us seem to be sleeping better thanks to this.  

so there it is... something of a typical day in the georgalas family with a 1 month old (actually 6 weeks!) and a 2 year old. lucy is still, well...lucy and adjusting to being the last on the totem pole in terms of attention.  nora you do a good job of playing with her and feeding her breakfast and dinner.  for that, we are sooo thankful!  you are a huge help around the house these days, nora boo!  

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