Tuesday, September 29, 2015

our first week as a family of 4...

dear nora and evy,

well, we have officially been a family of 4 for just over a week now!  we got home from the hospital and have been enjoying our time together ever since.  

nora, you are learning to adjust to not being the center of attention and you are doing so well!  you really seem to love your baby sister and always ask to "see baby, mommy!"  every time you wake up that's the first thing you say! 
nora, you are such a good helper, too! you constantly want to help change diapers, get blankets or burp cloths and turn on the swing.  you're learning what you can help with and what is better for mommy and daddy to do :) we took a ride in the car to starbucks the other day and you kept tabs on evy the whole time... telling mommy "evy happy!" or "evy eyes closed! sleeping, mommy!" or my favorite, "evy spit again, mommy!"
i look forward to watching your relationship continue to grow and the day you two become best friends (hopefully!).  

funny story for the week... grandma said "bye evelyn & nora!" and nora you responded with "no evelyn, evy grandma!" i guess we've been using evy's nickname too much and you're not used to her full name! :) 

evy, you are such a sweet baby!  you fit into our lives so perfectly, you light up our world, and really complete our family.  i never knew my heart could be so full and having you, nora and daddy in my life is just perfect.  

we love our little girls! 

mommy & daddy

here are some pictures from our first week together...

we're home! the "balloon ladies" decorated our house with welcome home & happy birthday balloons! 

so alert and happy! 

my two favorite girls :)

first outing as a family of 4! 

happy one week and due date! 

first bath

"i hold baby, mommy!" 

"big sister nora!" 

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