Tuesday, August 2, 2016

beach vacay

nora & evelyn,
this summer we decided to stick to the midwest for our beach vacation instead of driving 16+ hours with 2 kids under 3 to the south.  just wasn't going to happen.  it wouldn't be easy.  vacationing with kids is not as relaxing as it used to be, but it makes things SO much more fun! 
we headed to covert, michigan which is just south of south haven, about 2.5 hours away.  grandma & papa rented the coolest, oldest house in palisades park country club and were gracious enough to let us join them for the trip!  uncle kyle joined us for a few days, too.  there really is nothing better than spending a week with those you love.  we are forever grateful for grandma and papa for giving us this week of family, food, love & beach!

i took waaaaay too many pictures of our week, so i'll try and keep these to a minimum! 

we headed out early in hopes you two would nap along the way. HA.  as soon as we got there, we headed for the beach (shocking!)

then explored the beach house, soda bar for ice cream & wooded neighborhood.

it stormed & poured rain for most of the day, but we were able to get in some beach time in the afternoon.

the boys golfed in the morning and the girls went for a long walk.  we all joined at the beach for the rest of the day.  and more ice cream at night.

another beach day! kyle's last day, too :( in the evening we headed to south haven to see the lighthouse & mooooore ice cream.  really, this vacation was all about the beach and ice cream. 

we headed to saugatuck to meet up with aunt brandy, uncle josh & baby clive!! our vacations overlapped so it was mandatory we met up with one of our favorite families in michigan!

we were all ready for a break from the beach, so we went blueberry picking!  this may have been one of the highlights from the trip (aside from adding to nora's ice cream addiction).  it was hot and the blueberries were perfect for picking (and eating!) right off the bush!  we came home and grandma made a delicious blueberry crisp.  daddy & i were able to escape and go watch the sunset that night.  is there really anything better than watching a summer sunset on the beach?! i think not.

hanging with evs in the shade while the rest pick blueberries! 

we attempted a beach trip early in the morning, but the biting flies were SO bad we had to pack up immediately and head back to the house.  fortunately, papa decided we should check out the south haven beaches.  those were SO much better and we were able to spend all afternoon at the beach.  after late naps, we headed for our last night of ice cream and sunset walks.

finally on the last day she falls asleep at the beach!

"hmm whatcha got in there, nora?!"

last ice cream of the week
we woke up to a huge storm, so it was time to pack the car and head home.  we ended our final day of vacation with a family dinner at armands and a popcorn/movie night with the big girl.  sorry evy--you can join us for movie nights when you're a bit older ;)

it was a fabulous vacation, one we'll never forget.  i love having time off with my family, especially when daddy is able to be home from work.  summer is my favorite time of year and family vacations like these are just one of the many reasons why!! i know you girls won't remember this week, but i hope the pictures speak volume and you love looking back at them! 
mama & daddy