Monday, August 15, 2016

end of summer

well ladies, the time has come... time to say goodbye to lazy, pj-wearing, coffee-drinking mornings and hello to the hustle and bustle of the school year.  while i am super sad to send off our summer, i am looking forward to all the routine and structure the school year brings us.  it will be hard juggling all the craziness of working, preschool, gymnastics & day to day activities but i know we can do it!  

7am swinging & learning to pump
early morning walks in pj's
lazy mornings

(i promise we got dressed this summer... just hung in our pj's a lot!)
we had such a fantastic summer, as evident by all the pictures!!! i know these are days that you won't necessarily remember, so it's important for me to write about them.  i probably won't remember all the details in a few years either!  :) making memories is something that is really important to me.  i have so many wonderful, rich memories as a child that i hope you have one day, too.  although some of our days were loooooooooong, it is so true that the days are long and the years are short.  i blinked and we're back to school already!  it feels like we just got out!!

i know that miss kathy is looking forward to seeing how much you two have grown and nora you are SO excited for preschool to start!  you are more than ready to be learning and playing with other kiddos.  you thrive on routine & structure, so i know preschool will be a great place for you!  whenever you do something that a "big girl" can do you say to me, "NOW i'm ready for preschool!" with a giant smile all over your face! it is truly amazing to watch you grow into an independent little threenager (this name SO lives up to it's namesake!) (PS--how are you almost THREE?!?!?!)

here are some pictures from the end of our summer.  while we didn't quite cross off all our bucket list items, we sure did make the most of each and every day!  a good balance between lazy & busy! 

dancing.  always dancing. everywhere we go.  

hangin with grandma & papa 

flamingo "face" paint!

celebrating gracie kate's first birthday!

pool dates with friends!

ice cream.  always ice cream.  

rainy days with k & ty

sink baths!

final summer date night 

i hope you two read these posts one day and have fond memories of the summers we spend together.  i know i always will!  here's to another school year & countdown til next summer!!
love you little bugs!

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