Tuesday, July 5, 2016

fourth of july weekend

nora & evelyn,
you better believe your mama dressed you in fourth of july inspired outfits starting july 1st! you have plenty of red, white & blue and stars & stripes to go around, so why not?! 

we started the weekend out right with having the foley's over for dinner & s'mores. always a fun time with these guys!! 

very proud of your masrhmallow on a stick.

saturday was filled with bike rides, walks, & backyard shenanigans. 

sunday flew by as we all took glorious naps, walks to starbucks & played with the neighbors til all hours of the night (not really, but 8:00pm seems like it when you're 2.5!)

monday morning we woke up and had a patriotic breakfast, baked homemade strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream (YUM!) & got ready for the parade!

nora, you LOVED the parade and danced to all the bands that played.  you said your favorite part was the "mastics" (gymnastics) kids and the tiny cars.  evy, you took a little spill at the parade and scraped up your poor little nose.  typical evy fashion though, after a few tears you're still all smiles and cuddles afterwards.
on our way! first ride in the wagon for evs

nora has her candy bag all ready

at the parade with grandma & papa
we went back to grandma & papa's house for a late nap and a delicious dinner.  daddy had to work today, but he made it home just in time for a cocktail and ribs!  nora the highlight of your day must have been the fireworks!  dad and i decided that we would attempt to take you to see them since you've been talking about it nonstop for a week! "it's july now! we can go see the boom boom fireworks!" you were very antsy waiting for them to start, but looooved the different colors and sounds of the fireworks.  you said the pink sparkly ones were your fav.

watching the fireworks with daddy

we had such a good weekend.. too many bomb pops, s'mores & shortcake to go around, but that's what memories are made of.  here's to sleeping in today and another fantastic fourth in the books!
mama & daddy


  1. I love all the fest be outfits! And the food sounds amazing! Yay for a fun 4th!

  2. how cute are your sweet kiddos?? love their names too!

  3. So sweet and loved all of her adorable 4th of July outfits!!! What a cute :)