Wednesday, June 29, 2016

our weekend

nora & evelyn,
our summer is flying by.  i can't believe it's the last week of june already and 4th of july is just around the corner!  we're making use of every single minute of the summer and keeping busy while still finding time to relax and enjoy our time together.

this weekend we...

dined alfresco (the usual for warm sunny evenings!)

played at the park...

went to ikea...

lots of bike rides and walks...

and of course, played in the sprinkler.  some good old fashioned fun!

maybe next year, evs... for now, you're just as content watching nora play! 


  1. Al fresco dining is my favorite part of summer! And my do you have cute girls!

    1. thanks!! although they are getting harder and harder to take pictures of...gotta get sneaky!! :)