Thursday, June 23, 2016

evelyn's baptism

evelyn jane,
the other weekend we had you baptized at our church.  uncle kyle and aunt brandy are your godparents and were there to help us welcome you into our church and christian family.  
our closest friends and family were here to celebrate with us.

aunt brandy, josh & clive came to stay for the weekend and we had plenty of fun before your big day!  clive, nora & evy had a blast swimming, eating & playing together! we love seeing aunt brandy and her fam whenever we can, although it's never enough! :)

(be prepared for photo overload... i just couldn't pick my favorites!)
swimming with baby clive 
miss attitude  
my bestie and my baby 
evelyn and her godparents
with gigi and grandpa
real life... holding down the two year old and evy's face!

with grandma and papa
my baby :)

aunt jocelyn & aunt brandy 

gigi & evy
i love these girls and our crazy crew of 5 under 3!

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  1. Oh those baptism photos are just some of the sweetest!