Tuesday, June 21, 2016

happy 9 months, evy girl!

dear evy girl,
happy 9 months to you!! it is crazy to think you are already 9 months old! you are such a sweet, cuddly, happy baby! i am soaking up every moment of you being a baby because i know it changes so quickly.
well, let's see what's been going on this month!

for the most part, you are pretty good at sleeping through the night.  occasionally you'll wake up and whine for a bit, then fall back asleep.  sometimes i'll go in and nurse you.  you go down about 7:30, sometimes later now that it's summer and wake up around 5:30 to eat and then back down until 7:30/8.  still taking two naps a day.

i nurse you in the mornings and then you have bottles during the day.   you are eating mostly everything we eat now and really prefer feeding yourself versus purees.  your favorite foods as of now are avocado, broccoli & cheese bites, pancakes, bananas, cheerios,  blueberries & applesauce.  you are not so sure about cooked zucchini although you gobble it up when pureed.  so we'll work on that...

all good news to report!  occasional spit up here and there.  no colds.  no fevers.  thank goodness!
your eyes are still kinda blue, but a much darker blue than nora's.  your hair is turning pretty blonde too, although it will look strawberry blonde in some light.  you have thigh rolls and i just love them to pieces!

- crawling ALL over the place!
- starting to pull up and do plank-like moves
- waving!
- talking a ton!  grandma thinks that you say "na-na" for nora, but i am still keeping my ears open for that one
- TEETH!! two of them now! woah, that was a long time comin'
- you went to the pool for the first time! you love the water but do NOT like getting splashed!
- you were baptized the other weekend.  what a sweet day we had for you :)
- first trip to the beach
- first visit at mommy's school

- nora.  really, she is your favorite person (next to me, of course!) you are constantly looking for her and smile like crazy whenever you see her! you will sit next to her in the costco shopping cart and just laugh and laugh at whatever she's doing... until you pull her hair! she'll say, "evy you need to keep your hands to yourself! it's not nice to pull my hair! remember, grandma told us to be nice!"
- toys: lamby paci, shoes, & tupperware containers.  why do we buy you any nice toys?!

you are always just so content doing just about anything.  you are still the most easy going, happy baby--until you're hungry, then you'll let out a REALLY loud screech until there's food in your mouth!  you go with the flow and are so patient with your sister.  if she takes toys away from you, you just go find another toy.  i hope you learn to stand up to her soon though :) you are always smiling and love taking in your surroundings, wherever we may be.  i love watching you watch the world go by.
we just finished our first week of summer and i just cannot wait to spend the next few weeks with you and your sister! your daddy and i love you so very much and are trying to soak in the last few months of your baby-ness.  i know it goes by so fast and i don't want to miss a thing!

oh, she can do no wrong in your eyes!
when big sister's away, i shall play! 

it's all fun and games until someone's hair gets pulled... 

our best helper :)
sweet sister moment... actually sharing :) 
the hair!!! :)

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