Saturday, September 6, 2014

nora's first birthday party

we had a blast at your first birthday party! you had so many friends and family there to celebrate with you! what a special day :) here's your day in pictures!
(all pictures are unedited & not in any particular order...)

these two...lovebirds ;) 

hangin' with kate & isabelle

yay! look at me! i'm one! 

big hugs :)

playing with your "cousins" 

nora & grandpa

nora & grandma

nora & grandpa


future husband & wife with their mama's :) 

with your loving godparents, aunt kristen & uncle mike!

taking a break from the chaos in your chair

nate loves you! (so does isabelle!)

IG pics...i didn't want to take this down! such sweet memories

signing "happy birthday!" to the birthday girl!

attempt #1 at a kids shot

attempt #2...

yoga babies, minus one

attempt #1 at a yoga baby pic...

best we could get :)

happy with aunt kristen :)

nora & uncle kyle

being silly with uncle jimmy!

nora & gigi


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  1. I loved everything about this day! She was so happy and you did such an awesome job with all of the details It was a perfect celebration and you created wonderful memories with all of her favorite people! :) I still can't believe she is already 1! It feels like yesterday when I was holding her in the hospital!