Wednesday, August 27, 2014

happy first birthday, nora!

dear nora,
well the time has come for me to write your 12 month/1st birthday letter.  actually, i've been putting it off for a few weeks not only because we've been super busy, but because i think i'm still kinda in shock that you're really one!  i can say all the cliche things like "where did the time go?" or "i can't believe my baby is one", but seriously.... it's all true.  our lives are so much greater because of you.  our days are so much happier and joyful because of your constant giggles and baby talk.  you are everything we ever wanted, and more.  it's hard to imagine life before you, baby girl.  your dad and i had a great time reminiscing about one year ago and all the anticipation we had leading up to your birth day.  we love looking back at little teeny you in the hospital and thinking about all the emotions and feelings we had that day.  i truly believe that you made our love for each other even stronger, if that is even possible.  
well baby girl, here's the latest on you! 

you currently weigh 20 pounds (what?!?!) and are 27.75 inches long (seriously?!).  you  had a great "one year" doctors appointment.  she was quite pleased with your growth and development.  you're still wearing a lot of 6-12mo dresses and shorts, but your chubby legs fit best in 12-18mo leggings.  all your new birthday clothes are 12-18 or 18-24 and i am SO excited for you to wear your new threads!

you have 8 teeth, but just this past week you cut your first molar.  talk about a painful experience...for us all.  i think i see 2 more growing in there, too.  

just before you turned one, we made the transition to whole milk and you took it like a champ. now to only get rid of those darn bottles... you're reading breakfast, lunch, and dinner (minus're on a veggie strike these days) with a few bottles in between.  your favorite foods these days are carbs & cheese.  no really... waffles, grilled cheese, PB & toast, turkey, yogurt, grapes, bananas... NOT carrots or zucchini :(

well, i guess the biggest change this month is that YOU ARE WALKING! we actually have a walking baby toddler these days.  (Ugh, i hate that i have to call you a toddler after 1.  you'll always be a baby to me) you have been taking steps and cruising for quite some time now and just before you turned one you became more confident taking steps...up to 15, 20 at a time.  then the day after your birthday party, BAM... you decided "okay mom, i'm just gonna walk everywhere now".  just like that.  it's so cute to watch you wobble and keep your arms out for balance.  you get so excited that you are almost running!  we are so proud of you :) 

you are also starting to transition to one nap. we did the one nap thing quite a bit the few weeks before i went back to work and it was working really well.  occasionally you'll take 2, but 1 seems to be the best for you.  i actually kind of like this because we can do something fun in the morning and then come home for a nice, long nap in the afternoon!  

you are talking and babbling so much more (wait, you always were a talker!) these days.  you say "mama", "dada", "doggie" (without the /g/ sound), "uhoh", "woof woof" (yes, we taught you to bark like a dog) and are pointing at everything!!! you will kind of sign "more" and "all done", but we need to work on that some more.  your giggles are hilarious and make everyone laugh along with you!  you find everything oh so funny!  your favorite game these days is to blow bubbles and make raspberries, but make us do it along with you.  you still LOVE to dance and will shake your groove thang ANYTIME  you hear ANY sort of music... ANYwhere you are.  panera, the grocery store, the car, or at home.  i guess we'll have to sign you up for a music class or dance lessons pretty soon (wonder if you'll get your moves from your mom or dad?! glowsticks, anyone?!)

we had your first birthday party last weekend, too.  i'll write you another letter about that because it was just SO much fun!! 

we love you to the moon and back, pookie.  thanks for making us the most proud, happy parents!
mama & dada

happy 12 months! 

reading birthday books


sometimes you still look like a baby :)

at your 1 year photo session

happy 1st birthday!!!

milking a pretend cow

seeing a real cow up close!


happy 1 year old at the farm!

happy birthday to my favorite little lady! 

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  1. Great pictures of her special birthday! You guys are great parents and she is a lucky girl!