Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the beach

well nora, 
i took you to the beach for the first time the other week and to say you are not a fan is an understatement.  we went again today and you have mixed feelings about the sand.  you don't mind being on the blanket, but the minute you touch sand the tears come out! 

the first time we went, we were there for about 30 minutes and it started to rain.  

today when we went, we stayed for about 2 hours... you were quite the trooper!  uncle kyle is home for about 2 days before he moves to indianapolis for his new job.  so he and grandma joined us on our adventure this morning! 

next week we are going on a mini beach vacay to cindy's cottage.  i really hope you start to like the beach!  it is one of my favorite places to be!  

here are some pictures from our beach adventures... 
your first time seeing the beach & sand! 
you smiled & giggled at the pigeons

not so sure about sitting in the sand... 


trying not to touch it...

get me outta this sand!!!

don't put my feet in the sand!!!

oh nora... i hope one day you'll look back at these pictures and laugh :) you are just too funny, little lady! 


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  1. I love these pictures even though she does not like the beach! She will learn to love it! :)