Sunday, July 27, 2014

11 months

dear pookie,
i cannot even believe that you are 11 months! 
you have changed so much over the past month.  in fact, i think every day you are changing and growing.  

this past month you sprouted another tooth.  another one on the top left.  the right one is coming in soon, i believe.  that makes a total of 6 chompers so far!  

your hair is growing so fast, too.  i swear it blows in the wind and it is the cutest thing i've ever seen! we ( I ) put bows in your hair every day and it's a constant battle having you keep that bow in.  you tear it out the second you realize it's on your head.  get used to it, girl.  

i put you on the scale the other morning and with your diaper and pj's on, you weighed 19 pounds.  i wonder how close that will be when we go in for your one year appointment (sob). you have totally chunky thighs and they are fabulous! you have gotten really tan this summer and you  have little tan lines in your thigh chunk.... quite the funny sight!

you are still crawling, cruising, and moving along.  you've taken up to 4 steps so far, but seem very cautious about walking without holding on to anything.  you'll race up and down the hallway with your walker, but are a little too afraid to do it alone just yet.  you are also crawling like lightning speed up the stairs.  the sweetest thing happened the other day-- we were upstairs playing and you saw a basket of your clean laundry that had your blankie in it.  we came downstairs to play and a few moments later, i look over and you're crawling up the stairs on your own.  i watch you as you do this and you go straight for your blankie... as if you knew EXACTLY what you wanted and how to get it.  then you crawled into your room to grab your paci out of your crib.  i guess you were telling me it was nap time. 

this past month was the first time i left you for any extended period of time.  my mom (your grandma) and i went to new york city for 3 days.  your dad and GiGi took care of you.  they did such an excellent job playing with you, feeding you yummy meals, and making you oh so happy.  i can tell you loved your time with gigi and dad!  it made me rest easy knowing you were in the loving hands of them.  

your favorite things still include Lucy, this little tiny dog I bought for you in NYC, your blankie, and anything that makes noise.  you also recently discovered stuffed animals and love to give them kisses and hugs.  any time you hear music, you start to shake your booty and dance.  no matter where we are... the grocery store, a restaurant, or in the car. 

Eloise's dog, Weenie the Pug... you are in love with this little pup 

i've started planning your first birthday and i can't believe that it's almost here!  it seems like just yesterday i was swimming in the pool and lounging at the beach with you in by belly.  this summer has been very different than summers past, but i wouldn't change it for the world!  there's nothing i love hearing more than your sweet, sweet giggles and chatter.  you light up my world like no body else (well, maybe your dad :)  ) 
love you to the moon and back, pookie!

(lots of pictures... i just couldn't pick.. there are too many good ones!)
your new fav game... pulling TP 

happy girl out for lunch

playing at the little gym

ready for our morning workout 

could your smile be any cuter?!


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