Saturday, August 16, 2014

mini getaway

your grandma & i took you to aunt cindy's beach house for a few days this week.  i still could not fathom that you did not like the beach, so we needed a do-over beach trip.  sure enough, after spending 2 days at the beach, your fingers & toes were in the sand with no tears! 
we left early wednesday morning and spent the day at the beach.  you napped well at the beach house so grandma and i could get some quality reading time in.  wednesday night we went out for dinner in town and walked along the harbor.  you loved seeing all the birds flying about.  i love how happy animals make you.  not sure where you got that from :) 
thursday we were up early to hit the beach and get the most out of our day.  it was a little chilly in the morning, which was probably for the best.  you felt more comfortable walking and playing in the sand without the hot sun.  after a full day at the beach, we headed for dinner in town.  i win mother of the year award because all they had was fried food... i tried my best to pick off the fried breading on the chicken fingers, but grandma and i still felt so bad feeding it to you!  thankfully, i had a veggie pouch in the diaper bag!  we thought we planned the drive home perfectly with your evening sleep... boy, were we wrong! you were one unhappy camper until i hopped in the back with you.  that's okay, you're still so sweet & cute :) 

it was the prefect way to end our summer break together.  i can't get all sappy now, but these past 3 summer months have been the greatest, sweetest, most trying, and most touching time i could ask for.  if i could spend all day, every day with you, i would.  you truly are my little bestie and i love you with my whole heart (well, most of it... there's room for your dad in there, too!) 
thank you nora, for being you. 
finally, a happy beach baby!

playing in the sand... 

baby chair, mama chair, & daddy chair.... miss you, dad!

eating sand-filled-cheerios at the beach
beach town = fried fish, nice job looking at the camera, nora :)

3 generations of beach babes

grandma & nora

nora & mommy selfie

don't let this smile fool you! 

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  1. Those are perfect pictures! I am glad that Nora loves the beach now! We will have to go more next summer!