Sunday, August 17, 2014

end of summer

today is my last "stay at home" day with you.  i go back to school tomorrow and i am having all sorts of bittersweet feelings.  i love my teaching job and feel so fortunate to spend all day with the greatest group of 3rd graders, but it breaks my mama-heart to leave you every morning.  i know you'll be in good hands, as your dad is staying home for the next two weeks to be with you!  he missed you so much this summer while he was working so many long days, he couldn't wait to get some daddy-daughter time.  
here are some fun pictures from the past few days at the end of our summer! 

love you for always, 

nora-mommy selfie (get used to them, baby girl!) 

our crazy fam

my two most favorite people

yoga in the park with aunt kristen 

trying PB Toast for the first time 

our impromptu cake-smash rainy day photo shoot

you were not a huge fan of the frosting or cake 

drinkin' green smoothies & watching wild kratts 

your first lick of ice cream on our "National Ice Cream Day" 

hangin' around the house baking, eating cookies & reading books 

out for a ride on your new "bike" :) 


  1. It is the most bittersweet time of year, but you made the most of your summer! You look beautiful in your colorful dress, Em!

  2. Those pictures are great! Looks like you guys had such a great Summer. going back to work stinks at first, but you will be just fine! Nora is just too cute :) xoxo