Tuesday, December 30, 2014

merry merry christmas!

merry second christmas! this christmas your dad and i could not stop reminiscing about past christmases, especially the last two.  you have changed so much since last christmas.  you were just learning how to roll both ways and now you're running all over and talking up a storm!  

we spent christmas eve with grandma and papa, uncle kyle, and great grandma joan.  you were quite overwhelmed with all the presents.  you had a lot of fun opening them, but weren't so sure what to play with first.  your attention span with each gift was quite short!  

here are some pictures from christmas eve...
cookie monster

seeing all the presents! 

farm house & animals

bitty baby 

our family christmas eve 2014

take 2

trying to sit in the doll stroller :) 

"dada nigh nigh" haha

reading books to your baby & elfie 

christmas morning was so much fun!  when you woke up and saw the living room, you said, "wow!"  your dad and i got you a kids table and painted it with a chalkboard top.  you seemed to have fun sitting there drinking your milk and coloring with your new crayons and minnie book.  santa brought you your very first baby doll, too!  a few clothes, puffs, and a water bottle rounded out the gifts from mom, dad & santa.

then we headed over to gigi and grandpa's house to spend christmas day with the georgalas side of the family.  your uncle mike & uncle jimmy were excited to play with you all day. you ran all over the house screaming, "miii" for "mike".  you exhausted us all!  you were very spoiled by your loving grandparents, too! once again, you were quite overwhelmed with opening all the presents.  you loved the magnadoodle and little bunny you opened.  here are some pictures from our christmas day...

playing at gigi & grandpa's house

oh, hi minnie! thanks gigi for our new fav toy! 

we had such a magical christmas this year.  i am so excited for future christmases and all the excitement that will come!  
merry christmas, nora!
mommy & daddy 

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  1. I love how she is into Christmas now! It looks like she got some great presents! I love her blue dress on Christmas! You look so pretty, Ems! I love how happy you are in the pictures with her. Being a mom is the best!