Friday, December 12, 2014

visiting santa

dear nora, 
today your dad and i took you to go sit on santa's lap and tell him what you want for christmas.  we waited in a looooong line and you were so patient!  of course the line for santa was by the toy section at macy's and you were in heaven with all those toys!  
in the meantime, we put our name on the list to have lunch at the walnut room under the big christmas tree.  an hour and a half later, you were screaming sitting on santa's mommy's lap.  

you loved sitting near the tree and kept looking at all the lights, decorations, and ornaments (which you call "balls").  
coloring with crayons.
a fairy princess came to visit us while we were eating, too.  she sprinkled fairy dust on you for a special christmas wish! 

you loved her wand! 

make a wish!

when we got home, we did a little christmas "art"...your first painting!  dad did NOT like how messy you got, but i figured it's all fun & games :) 

then we met martin, elizabeth & isabelle for dinner.  she's such a good big cousin to you! 

reading books at dinner

what a fun day we had, nora!  i know you won't remember these moments, but it is so important to your dad and i to create these moments and memories for you.  we love you so much and can't wait to continue this tradition with you year after year! (even if we do have to wait in really long lines!)

mama & dada

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  1. What a perfect day full of Christmas cheer! Your family picture with Santa is awesome and I love all of Nora's smiles! :)