Saturday, December 27, 2014

winter break, part 1

dear nora,
i have two whole weeks home with you!  could there be anything better than that?! (yes, the summer... but that's so far away!) here are some pictures from our time together...
best way to start winter break.. cuddles in bed :)
playing with your baby & bunny
 (pictures from aunt kristen)
my 3 favorite triplets! 

my handsome godson :)

such a big smile you have, nora! 
opening presents from the favia's
mesmerized by the christmas lights 

just reading books by the tree...  
dinner at shake shack 
with the ORIGINAL elf... elfie 

taking lucy for a walk

you love the tree!

picnic dinner night!

we have several other fun things planned for the break, so i'm sure there will be more pictures to share!

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