Wednesday, December 2, 2015

nora 27 months

nora boo,
even though you just turned two, so much has changed in the past 3 months that i thought we'd do a quick little update on you!  i thought that as you got older things would change less often, but you seem to be learning and changing every day! 

age: 27 months (or 2 years and 3 months)
stats: 28lbs

clothes: wearing mostly 2T, but some 18-24 month stuff still fits, especially jeans.  some things i'm buying 3T so you can wear them for longer.  i've learned that the best thing for a toddler as active as you to wear is simple leggings & a tshirt/sweatshirt.  i bought several tunics & dresses for you to wear in the winter months and i think those will be easy for you to wear while potty training. 

favorite foods: you are still the world's pickiest eater.  you LOVE noodles (grandma made up a story about "the noodle girl" and it's one of your favorite stories!), waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit snacks, yogurt, turkey & cheese roll ups, cheese sticks, crackers & hummus (hearing you say "hummus" might be one of my favorite things!), anything you can dip and any dip itself (syrup, ketchup, PB, salsa, etc...), grapes, apples, applesauce... and really that's pretty much all you'll eat these days.  

words: i could not even begin to count the amount of words you say, as you pretty much talk in complete sentences... nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc.  i think most people can understand you, although i know i'm the one that does the best.  you can't pronounce beginning sound /s/ so "snake" sounds like "nake", etc.  it's pretty cute though :) you also recently started saying that you love everything.  first it started out with constant "i love you, mommy" and now it's always "i love___.  i really love it!"  it will be anything from another family member to a toy to another friend of yours.  it's so sweet how loving you can be!
there are some words that you say that are my all time favorite and i don't ever want to correct you!
gymnastics: mastics
library: yivary
"talk pool" (when you want to talk about going swimming)
underwear: un-wears
flamingo: mingo
when evy is crying: "it's okay baby evy, it's okay."
when mommy is singing: "don't say that, mommy!"
(so many more, but i honestly can't keep track anymore!)

activities: gymnastics, story time at the library & miss kathy's house keeps us pretty busy! you LOVE going to mastics every week and ask me almost every day if it's "mastics day".
you started potty training just after halloween and it's going fantastic!  i think i have more anxiety about it than you do. you are SO excited to go in the potty.  you recently started going while we're out and about, which is a huge relief for me... the other day we went out for breakfast and after you went potty, you ran out of the bathroom yelling, "nora went pee pee in potty at restaurant!" all the people heard you and gave a little giggle :)
(update: 3+ weeks into this potty training business and you rarely ever have accidents anymore-knock on wood- but you are doing fantastic!)
at gymnastics 
favorite things: little people & the dollhouse--you imaginary play so well with them.  they all have names and do certain things, like go potty, go to sleep, make dinner, etc.  your kitchen--you love to make mommy & daddy noodles or cupcakes in your kitchen.  minnie mouse--you love this little mouse! anything you can build--you love to use legos & blocks.  play doh & crayons--you have quite the imagination while playing, creating, and coloring!
signature moves: when you're in trouble, you close your eyes real tight and stand very still... do you think we don't see you?! you love singing into a pretend microphone, especially your favorite song "twinkle twinkle little star"
screaming.  oh the screaming.  when you're not getting enough attention, you let it go!

big sister status: you L.O.V.E. evelyn!  first thing every morning you ask to see her.  you love to give her things she needs (or so you think she needs), get burp cloths, blankets, and diapers for her.  often i'll hear you say...
"evy wake right now? please?" if she's napping...
"baby evy need paci. no crying, baby evy!"
although ONE time just after we brought evelyn home from the hospital, grandma was holding her and you walked down the stairs after a nap and saw her holding evy and screamed, "no not that one!!!!" at grandma and told her to put evy down in the swing.  grandma and i had to hold in our laughter :)

there are so many things that i just love about you, noraboo.  you are the sweetest, sassiest little lady and you have my whole heart.  i have loved every minute staying home with you these past few weeks.  i am dreading leaving you and your sister when i return to work, but i will always cherish my time with you.  you and i have a bond like no other.  this is what i always wished for with my daughters and will never take this for granted.

you have a heart of gold.  you are determined, yet hesitant.  you are confident, yet cautious.  you are independent, yet need our help.  watching you learn new things for the first time and taking in the world is such a gift.  you make me one happy mama!

happy girl dancing in her "ho ho" jammies :)

very happy to be wearing "un-wears" and not diapers! 

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  1. What a cutie! It's the best when they start talking more & more!