Monday, December 14, 2015

Santa visit

Nora & Evelyn, 
Today we went to see Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas! Nora you were so excited the whole way there talking about sitting on his lap and asking for more puzzles, please! E, you were just in it for the fun! No idea what to expect! Once we got up to Santa, Nora you froze a little bit...not so sure of the jolly man in the red suit! Evy went first then Santa asked for your help, Nora. Since you're such a good big sister you took that task very seriously and hopped right up there! Smiles were another story though.... maybe next year! 

N: I'll try and smile for you, mom but i'm not so sure about this...
E: who is this man's lap i'm sitting on and why is my sister so quiet for once?
N: "more puzzles, please"

N: "how much longer of this, mom?"

the snow globe!
N: "what's this, mama?"
me: "it's snow, nora."
N: "it not 'now.  it not cold and it not outside"
me: touche...