Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break 2015

dear nora,
this week i didn't have to go to school (SPRING BREAK!) and we had the whole week to play together!  daddy was busy working (just the beginning of golf season!), so it was just some quality mommy & daughter time! 

we crammed a lot into one week...

monday we went to visit the easter bunny and you were very excited to see him!  you screamed "bunny!" as loud as you could when we walked up to the waiting area. 
your first sucker and you even said, "yucker! yummy!"

smiles for the easter bunny!

tuesday we got new shoes for you and went to pick up kate from school with dana, tyler, and their TWO doggies! 
sneaky aunt b & her pink doggie!

cool new sunnies

new kicks... velcro for daddy :)

awww the love is real! nora & kate after school

wednesday we went to story time at the library, ate lunch at the choo choo restaurant, played at the park and outside all night long!  you went to bed late and were exhausted by the end of the day! 
watching the train go by! you were so good at saying "look" because i told you no touch... 

... although you didn't listen ... 
riding the train! you kept saying, "train! riding!" 

your favorite activity of all time. PARK! 

such a little monkey! climbing all by yourself...
you got in and were so excited, even though it wasn't put together yet! 

we're off to galena for a quick family get-away thursday and friday!  i'm sure you're looking forward to swimming in the pool since you try to swim like a fish every night at bath time!
then it's time for easter egg hunts and family time this weekend!

love you bunches, bunny!  here's to hoping for a fabulous summer together!

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  1. What a perfect spring break! The weather was perfect yesterday! I can't wait for summer to be here soon! Nora is growing up and always so happy! :)