Tuesday, April 7, 2015

easter 2015

nora bunny,
i think easter may be one of your favorite holidays thus far.  you are obsessed with bunnies and eggs, so naturally this little holiday was one of your favorite days! 
last monday we saw the easter bunny and you kept talking about the bunny and eggs all week.  i put snacks in little easter eggs all week, which you loved and eventually learned how to open the egg on your own.  you loved putting on the bunny ears and looking in the mirror, too!

easter sunday started out with a little egg-trail leading to your easter basket behind the couch.  before you came downstairs i told you someone special came to visit you.  your first response was "papa?" then i said "no, not papa"  then you asked "kristen?" i don't know where you come up with some things, nora!
we went downstairs and you were quite excited to see easter eggs all over the living room (and by "all over", i mean about 6 eggs).  you quickly followed the trail, picked them up and found your easter basket.  trying to get a picture with you looking at the camera and your basket was quite a struggle!

after easter basket fun, we headed over to grandma and papa's.  we haven't seen then in over a week because they were in mexico for vacation! you were so excited to go for a walk and explore that you fell down and skinned your knee. fortunately, you weren't really phased by your newest boo-boo.  you opened a fun beach-themed easter basket and of course, your favorite toy was the bubbles!

after grandma and papa's we headed over to gigi and papa's house for easter dinner.  the easter bunny left an egg hunt for you over there and you quickly caught on to put the eggs in your basket.  we had a delicious dinner at gigi and papa's and played with uncle mike and uncle jimmy all afternoon!

what a fun day we all had :)

my favorite picture of the weekend!


  1. What a great Easter for your family. I love the videos and that she thought I visited! :) I love the first picture with the bunny ears!

  2. Her in those ears is just adorable! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter!