Monday, April 27, 2015

20 months

dear nora,
i thought i'd do a quick little letter about you lately because so much as seemed to change in the last few months!  i don't want to forget this time or the things you are saying/doing, so it's best to write it down! 

you say SO many words these days, i cannot even keep track!  you are putting two and three words together and are able to express your feelings/thoughts/desires fairly well.  the latest thee word phrase you said was "mommy get it" when you want me to get it, not you.  
you say "you" instead of "me" 
you ask for help if you are frustrated "help pease" or "help me"
you ALWAYS say please and thank you.  sometimes unnecessarily!  if you give me something to hold you'll say "tank you" haha.  
the librarian at story time told me how polite you were saying please and thank you for toys! 
you can't pronounce your /s/ sound at the beginning of words so any word that starts with an /s/ starts with a /y/ in your mind! ("yoap" is soap, etc...) 
daddy taught you to say "golf" and recognize it on TV.  he's quite proud of that one. 
my favorite word you say is "noodles" i just love the way it comes out of your little mouth.
you add -ing to the end of verbs (walking, running, playing, etc)
and you think every baby you meet is named sloane after the baby at miss kathy's
if i ask you a question, you think about it for a minute with this pondering-look on your face and then you are able to answer me! most of the time it's the correct answer, too! 
you can say all your grandparents/uncles names (gramma, papa, gigi, mike, jimmy, kyle) and even some of your "cousins" (kristen, mike, nate, brianna, kylie, dana, kate, ty...) 

so many things it's crazy.  since when did you become so big?! 
you can walk down the stairs now holding onto the railing
you walk down steps all on your own and climb up the stairs/steps to slides etc at the playground
go down the slide all by yourself (you ask for the big slide every time we go to the park)
LOVE having tea parties.  you'll pour the tea saying "psssh" then hand the cup to whomever you're having a party with (usually mommy or lucy) and then cheers with your cup
love playing with your house or farm and making all the animal noises
climbing into your car (cozy coupe) and walking it down the driveway
watering flowers & helping with anything outside
still sleeping 12 hours at night with a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day
painting... chalk, crayons, paints.. any way you can paint you love it! 

painting (see above :) )
being outside
playing with mommy.
well, mommy in general.. all. the. time. no one else will do 99% of the time
paci and blankie and bunny
books (currently your favs are the egg books from easter)
daniel tiger
singing and dancing 
taking lucy for walks while YOU hold the leash (anything to make you feel like you're helping and you're the big girl!)
the color green.  everything is green. 

diaper changes
vacuum or hair dryer ("all done? no more?")
cleaning your face or hands
being told no
having to come inside after playing outside 

well, maybe not nothing... carbs and dairy.  that's about it these days, with the occasional fruit or black beans when you feel like it. veggies?!..HA.  i put broccoli in your mac n' cheese one night and you said "yucky green. no mommy" and picked it out right away. 
the occasional green smoothie...when whole foods makes it, not mommy. even though they're the same ingredients... go figure... 

you're so much fun these days, yet so exhausting too!  you have such a strong personality and you are in the "i do it myself" stage, which is amazing to see your little body able to do SO much. yet, it's exhausting.  :) i love that you are growing into an independent, determined, silly little girl.  you are attached at my hip almost every second of the day when i'm home.  deep down, i cherish these moments because i know there will be the day when you want nothing to do with me and the hugs and kisses will be far and few between.  you always put your head on my shoulder and say, "awww hugs" and hug me really tight then give me a kiss.  before bed you always want to snuggle together.   i love these moments!  it's what being a mom is all about :) you make me so proud to be your mommy!  i am counting down the days until summer and we get to be together all day every day! (26 school days!)
love you bug, 

and what letter would be complete without some pictures?! we are so busy lately that i don't stop to take as many pictures as i should... 
painting in the bathtub 

"i ceam" 

my favorite little lady :) 

this spunk... i can't even! 

trying out brianna's carseat sitting next to nate (don't worry-you don't ride forward yet, you were just watching a movie with them!) 

big girl! whatever nate does, you do :)

"hello? nate!?" (yes, you love nate!) 

"big doggie!" at the library 

picking flowers for mommy 

happy 20 months, boo :)

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  1. Nora is so good at talking! I can have a complete conversation with her, which is amazing! I love her so much! Our kids love seeing her too!