Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Mini-Getaway

this past week your dad and i took you to galena for a little mini-getaway.  it was my spring break and i was feeling bad we didn't go anywhere, so we decided to go galena for a night, just for something different. 
it's been A LONG time since i've been there.  we used to go skiing there when i was a kid and your dad used to go golfing there, too!  we didn't really do too much while we were there, but it was good practice for our upcoming road trip this summer!  you did great in the car (much better than i expected). 
we walked around the downtown area, ate lunch, and went swimming.  i think the swimming was the highlight of your trip!  you are such a little fishy in the water with NO fear!  your dad and i were both swimmers and we'd love for you to pick up on our love of swimming, too.  you loved jumping in the water without holding our hands.  you also loved putting your whole face and head underwater then coming up for air laughing hysterically!  you kept wanting to go in the deep end with the big kids playing basketball.
sleeping in a hotel room was quite the experience!  we only had one room and after we set up your pack n' play and tried to put you to bed, you stood up and said, "mommy!  awake!" you wanted to continue the party with us! you were so exhausted after swimming and a short nap that you eventually fell asleep and slept for 12+ hours!  thanks for a good nights sleep, nora boo!
the funniest part of the trip though, was on our way up there.  the GPS voice came over the bluetooth speaker, telling us to turn left. you got so excited and shouted "Gramma!" thinking the voice was grandma!  every time the GPS voice came on giving us a direction, you would shout, "Gramma!" your dad and i were laughing so hard! (this is probably one of those stories that is only funny to mom and dad and no one else...)
(and really... who needs 5 pictures and a video of their kid swimming, but...i'm your mom and it's my job to take obnoxious pictures of my baby!)

you were so mad that bunny couldn't come swimming with you!

pure excitement!

kisses for daddy!

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  1. You DO need 5 pictures of Nora in her bathing suit when she is that cute! :)