Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Miss kathys

nora, here is a sweet story from our day yesterday...
yesterday I picked you up from miss kathy's and was busy putting you in your car seat when you saw a school bus drive by.  you excitedly yelled "truck!" when you saw it.  i told you it was a school bus and that big kids go on the school bus to school.  i said "one day you'll go to school." to which you responded with, "no" then "kapy's" (kathys).  apparently you don't want to go to school, but stay with miss Kathy forever!!  we are so very lucky that you love miss kathy and are in such good hands while we're at work!  you are so excited to go there every day and are sad when you're the first one to go home!  you have 3 friends there that you love to play with every day!  you are learning so many new things every day there. you are saying so many new words that continue to amaze me! 

so tired after playing so hard at miss kathy's


  1. I love her! I also could have cried when she said my name last weekend! She is growing up so fast! :)

    1. I know... so unprompted, too Kristen!! Love it!

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