Friday, February 27, 2015

18 months

nora boo,
it's so hard to believe that we have a ONE AND A HALF YEAR OLD!! when did you get so big and so old?! i was looking at pictures from the summer and that seems like a lifetime ago, yet it seems like just yesterday you were crawling around on our patio, wanting to walk so badly.  and here you are, running around like a crazy lady!  you are learning how to jump on the floor and actually get some air!  
happy 18 months! 
happy half birthday cake :)

here are some things you L O V E . . . 
mac n cheese
blankie & paci (nigh-nights as you call them, although you are now saying "paci & blanket")
rings (little plastic rings you are OBsessed with!) 
hugs from mama & dada
milk (can't get enough!) 
minnie mouse ("mimmie")
giving lucy treats ("teets") 
making a mess.  everywhere you go. 
sliding on your slide in the basement and jumping on your mini-trampoline
miss kathy's house (it's like pulling teeth to get you to come home! you love "miss kapy"!) 
crackers and dip
playing with big kids, thinking you're one of them
babies... you always ask to see pictures of babies (you!) on my phone or iPad.

things you H A T E . . . 
getting water in your eyes or ears during bathtime
bedtime... you're slowly learning the art of manipulation to postpone bedtime ("teeth", "diaper", "wa-wa".. the list goes on!) 
being told no.  
getting your diaper changed. 
sitting in your high chair eating.  you'd rather graze all.  day.  long.  

other than that, you're fairly easy going, although you are quite "spirited"... you know what you want and you are determined to get it.  you will find a way to get something off the top shelf, the toy you want to play with, mama's water... ) 

i've stopped counting and writing down all your words because you are repeating EVERYTHING we say!  you say so many new words and can pretty much communicate anything you want to us, although you still resort to whining and saying "eh eh".  when we prompt you to use your words, you do so right away.  we are amazed at your receptive language, as you seem to understand everything we say to you.  especially when you know you aren't supposed to be doing something! you can say a ton of body parts-- mouth, teeth, eyes, nose, ears, hair, arms "yegs", knees, toes, feet, arms, nails.. and can point to them on yourself or someone else.  
our favorite words you say are "people" and "diaper" (oh, and "bathtub")... it just sounds so cute coming out of your little mouth with your sweet little voice! 
you recently started calling us "mommy" & "daddy" instead of mama & dada.. you're growing up too fast! whenever you accomplish something, you put your hands up in the air and say "did it!" with such pride! 

you're wearing all 18-24 month clothes these days and i bought a few 2T pieces for the summer, but it's hard to shop for you for that time because i have no idea how much you'll grow between now and then!  we took you to the doctor for your 18th month appointment and 

since your last monthly update (15 months ) we celebrated thanksgiving, christmas, new years, grandma's birthday, gigi's birthday, uncle mike's birthday... you've had several sleep overs with your grandparents, you met a new baby cousin alex (that you were not a fan of grandma or mama holding), and have had A LOT of indoor play time.  we've hibernated a lot this winter, as it has been so cold and snowy!  speaking of snow, you LOVE to "watch" the snow ("no") from inside, but are not a huge fan of it outside.  you don't like being cold ("brr") and do not like the snow on your mittens ("mitt") or on the sled.  however, you do enjoy going for short sled rides!  i guess you are JUST like your mama in that regards... i am not a huge fan of snow or cold weather and much prefer to stay and play inside!  

 i could go on and on about you... honestly, you are my favorite topic to talk about!  i guess all moms probably say that, but you are just so spunky and do so many funny things that i laugh so hard at!  you are constant entertainment for anyone and love being the star of the show, the belle of the ball, the center of attention!  

nora, we love you so much.  you light up our lives with your silly giggles, smile, and kisses.  you are one of a kind and we are so happy you are our daughter!  
love you for always,
mommy & daddy

here are some pictures from the last few months...

your rings

little miss oh-so-happy in the bathtub 

walking lucy... your favorite thing to do!

playing with the "big doggie" at the library! you say, "nice" and pet Clifford every time

walking around in mommy's shoes

doin work at mommy's school 

little piggy tails! 

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