Sunday, February 22, 2015

what nora says

you are at such a funny stage right now and are doing the most hilarious (well, to you... not to all!) things.  i decided to share these little stories when they pop up so i don't forget them.  i remember my grandma telling uncle kyle and me about all the funny things my dad (your papa) did when he was a kid and uncle kyle and i would laugh so hard!  i hope you find some of these stories funny when you're older... because your dad and i sure do!! (although because you are our favorite daughter, we may be the only ones who find these funny!) 

so here's last night's "what nora says/does"... 

i'm trying to cook a yummy dinner and i used the last of the olive oil.  somehow you got ahold of the empty (or so i thought it was empty) olive oil bottle and all of a sudden i hear "psssshhhh" (the sound you make when you're pouring tea from your teapot during our tea parties) and "spill".  i look over and yep, you managed to pour whatever was left of the olive oil allllllllll over the kitchen floor and recognized that yes, indeed, you spilled.  you looked so proud of yourself when i looked at you!  it's so hard to get mad at that sweet little face of yours!  i know you are just exploring and constantly testing your limits!

of course i didn't get a picture of this, but you can only imagine my face and your oh-so-proud face during this hot mess!

oh miss nora, we love you, even though you can be a little rascal at times :) i guess that's what being 1 and a half is like!
mama & dada 

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