Tuesday, February 3, 2015

snow baby

dear nora,

we had a huge "blizzard" this past weekend... about 20 inches of snow!  i've been down for the count with a cold/flu, but dad took you out in the snow and for a short sled ride.  you are not a huge fan of the snow and don't like when it gets on the sled or on your mittens.  you say, "off" and try to brush it off, which usually just results in MORE snow on you!  you love to look at the snow from inside and always ask to stand on the couch and "watch".  looking out the window is one of your favorite past times.  whenever you want to do something, you ask politely and shake your head yes as if we will say yes to you.  

here are some sled ride and snow pictures! 


not so much a fan of snow angels.. 


  1. That snow angel picture makes me laugh every time! She is so sweet! Well, I guess she likes the summer months more, just like her mom! :)

  2. Snow angel picture = me, every winter. Love these pix, adorable! xox Mary