Thursday, November 27, 2014

15 months

dear nora,
you are now 15 months old!! these posts are getting hard to keep up with, so i think i'll only post every 3 months now... not much changes day to day, yet everything changes day to day! 

we took you to do the doctor the day before and you weigh 21 lbs and are 31 inches long!  you are growing so fast!  you got 3 shots and we found out you had another ear infection... it seems like you've been sick SO much this fall... i'm hoping for a better winter. 

you have 12 teeth and love to take bites of food now.. you get so mad when i cut things into little pieces, as if to say "I'm not a baby anymore!"  you are working so hard at feeding yourself and love to use a spoon or fork any chance you get. your favorite foods these days are clementines, waffles, mac n cheese, kix, and you're back on a puffs kick.  no veggies--i have to sneak them in :) 

you are saying so many words these days, too!  you say a few more animal sounds; "neigh", "moo", (and still the woof woof, ah ah for monkey)
wawa for water, off, eat bye bye, yessshh, papa, down, up, hot while waving your hand in front of the hot item... and all the other words you've been saying for awhile, too.  i'm sure there are more but i can't think of them all now! you are repeating everything we are saying (watch out!) and have a lot of approximations for words

the new thing you started doing this month is getting a diaper, the wipes package, and laying down for us to change you.  if we ask you if you have stinkies, you scrunch your nose and wave your hand and giggle.  it's pretty cute :)  potty training anyone?!?!

you go up and down the slide on your own, you can get on and off your horse on your own, you can get up into your anywhere chair on your own... you even climbed into our bed on your own, too!  you are quite the monkey!  gymnastics class soon?! 

this past month we were mostly busy with life happenings... dinners with friends, a quick trip to see santa (and didn't wait in the long cold line...oops!), lots of sleepovers at gigi & grandpas house AND grandma & papa's house... thanks to a non-working furnace and freezing cold temps! 

we love you to the moon and back, boo! 
mom & dad

here are some pictures from our past month! 

picnic in the living room! 

sick baby :(

tired babe

playing with daddy

putting everything you can find in the car seat

i guess you're ready for a diaper change! 

special pancake breakfast...followed by a bath...

you love kate!

just chillin' on the dog bed by the fire

big girls are the coolest!

doing yoga with mommy

eating like a big girl! 

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