Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

dear nora,
woah, we have been so busy!  here is our halloween season in pictures... 
nora & the pumpkins

halloween 2014

boo at the zoo 2014

nora & daddy -- he makes a good "girl" ;) 

mama & mini matching t's 
 (take 2)

silly girl 

reading halloween books from aunt kristen! 

so happy! 
you were a puppy for halloween and were not a fan of the puppy ears.  you were also on day 4 of a high fever, so this wasn't the best halloween in the books!  oh well...there's always next year!

not so happy puppy 

puppy 1 and puppy 2 :) 

happy halloween! 

we love our little puppy!
mama & dada 

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  1. Cutest little girl ever! I love your matching shirts too! Hope she is healthy for Halloween next year! We missed you guys!