Monday, October 27, 2014

14 months

well, what do you know you are 14 months and officially a "toddler!"
here's what's going on in your toddler life these days...

weighing in somewhere around 23lbs, i'm guessing
losing the chubby legs, though :(
getting so much taller! your pants are hardly fitting anymore!
this month you had a double ear infection THEN had a week long fever that just wouldn't break 

old navy, carters & target mostly 12-18 month
gap 12-18 is just starting to fit you... now i can officially shop in the "toddler" section and they have MUCH cuter stuff! i have a serious problem buying you cool clothes ;) 

ehh, you are not a huge eater these days... you have your favorites (cheese, avocado, black beans, turkey, pancakes) but the rest you could take or leave. one day you'll eat a ton and the next not so much.  
officially drinking milk & water from a sippy cup (this was a big deal... i thought you'd go to college drinking from a bottle the way you resisted milk from a sippy!) 
you seem to enjoy smoothies from straw cups too! (good way to sneak in some extra veggies!)

it seems like every day you are learning new words! 
the same ones from before (mama, dada, uhoh, hi, doggie, no)
"ba" for ball
"dow" for down
"eyeshhh" for eyes while pointing to anyone's eyes
"minnie" (or something that sounds like it) for minnie mouse
"peas" for please, while signing please
"baby" for baby or belly (we're working on the beLLy--not to be confused with baby!)
"hiiiiii" while waving to everyone you see everywhere we go, especially older grandparents
"doos" for shoes while pointing to your feet or you'll sit down & put your shoes near your feet so i'll put them on
"ahhh" after taking a long sip of milk or water (not sure where you learned this one!) 
"nana" for bananas
"baba" was pumpkin (not sure why, but every single time you saw a pumpkin it was "baba"--you LOVED pumpkins this halloween season!) 

your receptive language seems to be growing so fast, too!  you'll do certain commands or tasks if i ask you to.  for example, you love putting things in the garbage or the laundry (yes, i'm teaching you to clean up at an early age!) you'll go fetch something that i ask... pointing to everything that we ask ("where is lucy?" and you'll point and giggle at the dog)

you love to go down the stairs on your belly
downward dogs with mom
signing: please, more, all done, milk.  working on water & thank you
pointing to different body parts (eyes, hair, noes, feet, toes, belly, booty)

oh little miss sassy pants, we sure do love you!  you keep us on our toes daily, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  you have become this silly, loving, smiling, happy little lady and we love watching you grow.  you always amaze us with the things you are learning!  
we love you to the moon & back!
mama & dada

sick baby & daddy selfie (his first?!)

reading with mommy

just playin in my teepee :)

"more please"

where there are pumpkins, there is nora.  "hiiiiiii"

"ok mom, you just go and i'll just chill here with my latte"

oh, hello!

"who's cute? me?! no, not me!" 

mommy-daughter dinner date at panera

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