Saturday, July 18, 2015

life lately

nora boo,
daddy has been out of town for TWO weeks in texas for work and we've been missing him like crazy!! we've tried to keep busy to make the days go faster, but we still miss him around here. it's just not the same!  we facetime every morning or evening before bed and you get a little confused by seeing his face on the phone, but love talking to him and telling him about your day.  i think he misses us too :)

silly selfies for daddy 
so throughout the last two weeks we've... 

cleaned out the baby's room & painted the closet... 

went in search for a big girl bed for you...
pretending to go night-night

had quite a few play dates with friends (abby, georgia, the triplets, kate/tyler...)
reading with georgia 

pool with nate, bri & ky 
went on walks... lots of walks!

stroller strides & park time...

story hour at the park with kate & tyler...

music in the park with the foley's... 

dinners with grandparents...
"oggie" the baby doll had to come with everywhere we went! 
the zoo with mommy's cousins... 

even a beach trip! 
playing in the sand... so different than last year!

so proud of your sand castle! 
and just about anything to keep us busy! 

wearing daddy's shoes 

ice cream in a cone! 

you are getting SO good at saying your own name, too.  you always refer to yourself as "you" and although i think it's the cutest thing ever, we're trying to work with you to say "nora".  you are talking SO much more now and putting together short sentences.  it's so incredible to watch you be able to express what you are feeling or needing.  just tonight we were riding in the car and you said, "mommy. tummy hurt" then you said "hungry noodles" and sure enough... it was past your dinner time and you must have been starving!! 

you love pushing your baby in the stroller whenever you have the chance. it usually takes us about 45 minutes to get halfway down the block because you are so distracted by every little bug, stick, birdie, squirrel, etc... 

speaking of birdies... your new favorite book is are you my mother? and you can retell the book page by page.  you bring it with you everywhere we go and say, "birdie looking mommy!" "mommy food baby!" your favorite part is the snort and how it brings the baby bird home to his mommy.  it's so fun to watch you continue to develop your love of reading.  i hope you always have such a passion for books! 

well boo, we'll have to make daddy a big welcome home sign before he gets home... we sure will be glad to have him back!!! these past two weeks made me realize even more so how important he is in our lives and how much we really need him!!! 


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  1. She's so adorable! Looks like you guys are having a great summer!!