Wednesday, July 15, 2015

first train ride

nora boo,
today we went on your first train ride!  you love watching for trains to go by and get very excited when you see one.  we don't live too far from the tracks, so you see one often... at the ice cream place, at the pool, driving home... 

this morning grandma & i surprised you with your very first train ride!  when we first got to the train station you said "train watch".  then i told you that you got to ride ON the train... you screeched with delight and kept saying "train ride!" over and over again.  

woah! up close to the train! 

waiting for the train with grandma
we (mommy, nora & grandma) took the train to the choo choo restaurant for lunch, which is just two stops down... quick ride!  it was a train-filled morning today!  
waiting for your food on the train 

after lunch we took the train home and you got to sit by the window to watch all the cars, houses, and train tracks go by.  i think you were kind of in awe because you didn't really know what to say when you were sitting by the window.  it was so fun to watch you have such a great time!  we'll have to do this again soon sometime, and take the train to an even farther destination! 
sooo happy! 

watching all the cars and houses go by

your hand! 

hope you enjoyed your first train ride, boo!

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  1. What a fun day! I love her smile with you in the train!