Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of july 2015

hey baby girl,
every holiday that comes and goes, i find myself reminiscing at year's past holidays and comparing/contrasting our lives.  for example, two years ago i was pregnant with you and we went to the fireworks and you were jumping around like CRAZY in my stomach!  i guess you didn't like the loud noises (and you still don't!).  last year you were just loving swimming in our backyard pool and crawling all over grandma and papa's patio.  this year, was actually no different!  you spent the day playing in the "froggy pool" (as you call it...because papa's orange pool is SO different from our orange pool wink wink) and eating snacks on grandma and papa's patio.  their neighbors were shooting off fireworks and at first, you didn't like the noise.  we taught you to say "boom boom firecracker" and you were then okay with it!  every time you'd hear one you'd say "boom boom cracker!" 

just for some comparisons..... 
2014 vs 2015 sitting on the patio eating cheerios july 3rd
4th of july 2014 
4th of july 2014... barely walking yet! 

ahhh.... i can't even!  just to think next year we'll be a family of 4 and there will be another little lady crawling about! i can just picture the matching 4th of july outfits already!!!

our forth of july started off with breakfast with martin, elizabeth, isabelle & baby theo.  you loved hangin' with isabelle and HATED when i held baby theo! you got pretty jealous quickly and asked me to hold you.  oh baby girl... if only you knew what's coming in just a few short months! 

hugs from isabelle 
then we headed over to grandma & papa's for a forth of july low country shrimp boil.  since returning from charleston, grandma is officially in "southern" mode and made a delicious shrimp boil.  of course, you ate noodles (charleston shaped pasta noodles though, sticking with the low country theme).  we ate, played, and ate some more!  no fireworks or parade this year... maybe next?! 

daddy is leaving tonight for a two week business trip, so it's just me and you baby girl!!  we'll have to plan many fun things to make the time pass quickly! i think you're going to miss him, as you've started calling him "nick" when you want something!! :)

mommy & daddy 

just one family picture, please nora!! 

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