Tuesday, June 30, 2015

isle of palms, sc

this past week we took a vacation to the isle of palms in south carolina.  we went with grandma, papa,  and uncle kyle.  we drove there (14+ hours!) and you did so well in the car (on the way there... not so much on the way back!) 
don't let the sleeping baby fool you... it lasted for 15 minutes. 
when we got there on saturday, we met grandma and papa in charleston to do a little fountain-running and have breakfast.  after everyone was full and wet, we drove to the island and checked into our home for the week and headed straight for the beach!  you were a little timid at first and felt more comfortable wearing your "jellies" in the sand and water.  

sooo hot and ready for breakfast at hominy grill
fountain running in charleston... dont mind the huge baby belly!
hmm... what is this sand stuff??? 

sunday was father's day so we played at the beach all day and then had a wonderful dinner at magnolias.  

bringing the pool to the beach was so worth it! 

kisses for daddy in your matching anchors :)
attempt at a family picture...

"ky-woah.... doing?" "pushing you in the stroller, nora." "push it, ky-woah." 

monday the boys went golfing and us girls had a beach day together!  it is exhausting taking you to the beach because all you wanted to do was play in the "deep end" of the ocean!  you continuosly wanted to run into the ocean and were completely fearless! grandma and i were so ready for a nap after a morning at the beach with you!  we grilled burgers at home that night and had a low key evening of drinks & sweet tea on the porch...exactly what southern beach vacations are for! 

tuesday we fortunately had all hands on deck for another beach day (seeing a pattern here?!) and had a delicious dinner at the boathouse on the isle of palms. 

beach bike rides with dad (don't judge the no helmet... it wasn't planned ahead of time!) 
happiest baby on the beach!
evening beach walks

so so windy!
wednesday the boys went kyaking and the ladies headed into charleston for some breakfast at toast and a little shopping. we walked and walked and then walked some more until you declared, "hot! home!!" over and over again. ok, point taken. the pregnant lady & baby were hot & exhausted! 

papa, daddy & kyle kyaking... on the look out for dolphins!
licking lemons at breakfast! (whatever it takes to keep you happy in restaurants!) 
naptime with grandma
"okay mom, hurry up... i'm ready for the beach NOW!"
wednesday evening we had professional photos taken of our family on the beach.  it was so incredibly windy and you were NOT having any photos taken of you, but i'm sure the wonderfully talented leigh got several great ones!! i can't wait to see all of them! 

thursday the boys went golfing (ugh, again!) and we had quite the lazy day!  it was a little overcast, windy, and rainy thursday so we went for a long walk in the beach, played on the porch, and finally the sun came out in the afternoon!  dad and i had a date night into charleston at fig and it did not disappoint!  we had a fabulous meal and enjoyed walking around charleston, ending our evening with a drink (sweet tea for me!) at a rooftop bar overlooking the city.  
reading books with grandma

watching the boats come into the marina with grandma & papa
friday was our last full day :( we made the most of it by being at the beach bright and early and staying until almost sundown!  lots of swimming, shell collecting, castle building, and some relaxing (when you went down for a nap)! 
we headed back into charleston for dinner at s.n.o.b. which was quite the experience with a toddler that did NOT want to sit in her highchair (hmm...wonder who that could be?!) the food was some of the best shrimp & grits ever and we even found some buttered noodles for the little lady, too :) we ended the evening with some ice cream and a long walk in charleston. 

"let me outta here!!!" 
 saturday morning daddy & i got up early to watch the sun rise, which turned out to be quite the experience, as we got POURED on and had to run back to the beach house! the wind + rain + sunburn = not the best feeling on sunburnt skin :) 
after packing the car, saying our goodbyes to the beach house & a wonderful breakfast at poogan's porch, we started our journey home.  it was quite the miserable drive home, as traffic was horrible and it just took forever to get home!!! 

 but... we finally made it home and woke up in our own beds (best feeling ever!) and headed to the farmers market, starbucks, and home for some water table play time. 
what do you mean you're not supposed to stand in your water table?!
we had such a wonderful vacation celebrating grandma's retirement and 60th birthday!  there is nothing better than family and i'm so thankful for all these memories created this week.  we can't wait to go back again and it's crazy to think that when we do go back again, there will be another little lady in tow!  i envision lots of matching monogrammed bathing suits & dresses for you and your sister for our next southern beach vacation! i could SO get used to the southern living style... sweet teas, ya'll, & a much slower pace of life.  

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  1. Love the idea of the pool at the beach! Nora's shoes are adorable and I love her bathing suit! What a special trip for your family!