Saturday, August 15, 2015

2nd birthday party

happy birthday party day, nora! 

today we had your 2nd birthday party and you just could not wait!! we decided to celebrate with an ice cream theme... your favorite!  for weeks leading up to your party it was all you could talk about!  every time "birthday" was mentioned you would say "ice cream party!" you loved having all your friends and family at your house for the party.  we lucked out with weather... it was hot & there was a threat of storms, but we made it through almost the whole party without rain!  

my favorite part of the day was singing happy birthday to you!  you loved singing along and attempting to blow out the candles.  we had such a great day and were so thankful that all those in your life could be there.  you are one lucky lady :)

don't mind the messy garage... it was too hot to put the toppings & ice cream in the sun! 

caught you licking the frosting off the cake :) 
"happy birthday to you!" 

thanks for the smile for our only family picture of the day, nora :)

enjoying ice cream with some of your friends :) 

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